Ghana School of Law: Admissions, Programs, and Requirements

Are you considering attending the Ghana School of Law? Learn about admissions, programs, requirements, and more in this comprehensive guide.Ghana School of Law

Ghana School of Law

With a number of programs available to students interested in a legal career, the Ghana School of Law is Ghana’s top-ranked university for legal education.


Accra, Ghana is home to the Ghana School of Law, which was founded in 1958. It is the only college in Ghana that provides students who desire to be attorneys with a professional legal education.

Both local and foreign students can receive legal education at the institution, which has graduated many of Ghana’s best attorneys and judges.


Programs Offered at Ghana School of Law

 Students who desire to study law at the Ghana School of Law can choose from a number of programs. The main programs offered are the Professional Law Course, the Bar Part 1 Course, and the Post-Call Law Course.

Professional Law Course

After earning their LLB or JD, students can enroll in the two-year Professional Law Course, which offers a thorough legal education. Students will graduate from this program with the abilities and information to practice law successfully.

Post-Call Law Course

The Post Call Law Course is a one-year program open to lawyers who have completed the Ghana Bar Part 1 Exam and been called to the Ghana Bar. This program is designed to provide advanced legal education to practicing lawyers.

Short Courses

The Bar Part 1 Course is a one-year program that prepares students for the Ghana Bar Part 1 Exam. The Ghana School of Law accepts applicants who have earned their LLB or JD and have been accepted into the program.


How to Apply

Only online applications are accepted through the Ghana School of Law’s application page.

The steps are as follows:

1. Applicants must deposit a bank draft in the amount of GH550.00 (five hundred and fifty Ghana cedis) with any bank payable to the Board of Legal Education.

2. To obtain the Pin and Serial Number, applicants must produce their bank draft to the Accounts Office at the Ghana School of Law (Makola) or Kumasi Campus at KNUST.

3. Use the Pin and Serial to access the online forms by going to our admissions site.

4. When submitting an online application, candidates must include the required supporting documentation, a passport photo, and all of their responses to the inquiry questions.

What is the Entry Requirement for the Ghana School Of Law?

Professional Law Course

Essential documents you must upload include;

1. A true copy certified LLB certificate

2. A certified true copy of the final LLB transcript (attestation letters shall not be acceptable in place of the required document)

3. LLB awarding university academic reference (must be dated the year of application)

4. A character reference from a Ghanaian lawyer with at least 10 years of experience. The date must be in the application year.

5. Form for Witnesses

6. Application form and declaration

7. Work order form

8. Accurate photo ID card

9. Others: You are free to provide any further paperwork to support your application.


▸Your document must be 1MB in size; failure to do so could result in issues when submitting your completed form.

▸ If you make a mistake when submitting your final form, please start the application process over (using Fresh Fill).

▸Your documents’ names should be brief and easy to remember. When naming your documents, there shouldn’t be any symbols or numbers. Your documents may be titled as a witness, an LLB transcript, an LLB certificate, etc.

▸You are not required to finish the form in one sitting. Never lose your receipt; you may always log back in using the serial number and PIN that are listed on it. To finish the Form, always utilize the Progress ID to pick up where you left off.

▸You cannot apply online again after submitting the form.

Click here to apply for the professional law course.

Post-Call Law Course

Essential documents you must upload

1. A true copy certified LLB certificate

2. LLB transcripts with certified true copies

3. LPC, BL, BVC, or BPTC certificate certified true copy

4. LPC/BL/BVC/BPTC transcript certified true copy

5. Application form and declaration

6. Completed form

7. Form for witnesses

8. A character reference from a lawyer with at least 10 years of Ghana Bar experience.

9. The jurisdiction in which the applicants have a barrister/solicitors status certificate of good standing

10. Accurate national ID

OTHERS: You are free to send any other paperwork to support your application.

Click here to Apply for the Post Call Law Course.

Students who desire to study law professionally should take advantage of the Ghana School of Law.

The institution is the best option for those who wish to obtain a thorough legal education because of its variety of programs and reputation for turning out excellent attorneys and judges.

Review the admissions requirements and program offers if you’re thinking about enrolling at the Ghana School of Law to choose the program that’s best for you.


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