GES Recruitment: Process and the Requirements

The GES recruitment is the selection process of the Ghana Education Service, this is due to the unprecedented growth in the Educational sector and the need for qualified teachers to fill teaching vacancies in the country. To ensure that the best teachers are however selected for the job. Hence, the GES a rigorous recruitment process for all applicants. This post will discuss the steps to selecting teachers in Ghana.

GES Recruitment: Process and the Requirements

GES Recruitment

The need for an organized education sector in Ghana brought the Ghana Education Service (GES) to emergence.

The Agency is responsible for the management and administration of education in Ghana.

It however controls the implementation of policies and programs related to education in the country, at all levels.

However, the main duties of the GES  include the following: the development of educational policies and programs.

Also, the provision of the management of educational institutions and personnel, the assessment and evaluation of education, etc.

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Hence, the GES is also responsible for the supervision and monitoring of schools, teachers, and students.

And also, to make sure Ghanaians enjoy quality education in the country.

GES Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is however very competitive and involves multiple stages. Follow the steps below to guide you through the GES recruitment process:

The GES Application Submission

You have to obtain your application form through the GES official website and submit the form. However, this is the first step GES recruitment process.

Hence, applicants must complete the form accurately and attach all relevant documents, including academic certificates, CVs, and passport photographs.

Screening and Shortlisting

After the application deadline, the GES recruitment panel will screen all applications to determine if applicants meet the minimum requirements.

Those who meet the requirements will however be shortlisted for the next stage of the recruitment exercise.

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The GES Aptitude Test

Shortlisted applicants will however be invited to take a scheduled aptitude test.

This is to further test their knowledge, skills, and competencies in the applied subject they want to teach.

Hence, the test may be conducted both personally or online, this is determined by the number of applicants.

GES Interview

All successful applicants during the aptitude test will be invited and interviewed.

Hence, the interview is conducted to evaluate the candidate’s teaching experience, communication skills, and other relevant factors.

Medical Examination

Successful candidates will be asked to have a medical exam after the interview. this is to know if they are physically fit and generally sound in health.

Appointment and Posting

Lastly, candidates who are passed fit medically after the examination will be given a letter of appointment and posted to a school where their services are needed.

Requirements for GES Recruitment

Below are the requirements for GES recruitment:

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1. Educational Qualification: A bachelor’s degree in Education or a related field from a recognized institution is a minimum requirement from applicants.

2. Age: To apply for GES your age range must however be between the age of 24 and 35.

3. Teaching certification: Applicants must have a valid teaching certification from a recognized institution.

4. Character: Applicants must have a good character and no criminal record.

5. Health: Finally, applicants must be in good mental condition and also free from any physical sickness that may affect their performance as a teacher.

The Ghana Education Service recruitment process is a competitive and rigorous process.

All applicants must however meet the minimum requirements and go pass a series of assessments, to be considered for employment in Ghana. 

Finally, if you have read through this post, you would have learned a lot about the GES recruitment process and the recruitment requirement.

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