Find My Phone: How to Lock Your Smartphone in 5 Minutes 

This article will offer you guidelines you’ll need to lock your phone on “Find my Phone”. They’re simple methods that come in handy when you forget where you dropped your phone.

Just follow the steps closely and you’ll be ready.


find my phone

Brief Description of Find My Phone

Find my phone is software that’s installed on smartphones. To help enrolled users lock, erase and trail data on a stolen or misplaced phone.


The software will always shield your phone from negative content. The software is a part of google play that verifies and scans apps that are being installed on your smartphone.

How you’ll be Able to Lock your Phone on Find My Phone;

  1. You’ll need to switch on the Find My Phone button.
  2. Then, you’ll sign in with your Gmail. If you’ve forgotten it, click on the “recover Gmail account details” to recover the Gmail.
  1. After signing in, you’ll need to locate your phone first on the app, which is as simple as ABC.
  2. After locating it, you’d see “Lock”, click on it. Next, it’ll ask you to set up a new password to unlock your phone.
  3. Input the new password and confirm it.
  4. Then click on lock and that settles it.
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On a final note, I’ll recommend you display a message and phone number on the lock screen, then add a button so you’ll be able to call back your number. 

 This will also make anyone that comes in contact with your phone easily get to you.


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