Features of a Good Home Insurance Policy

Features of a Good Home Insurance PolicyIt’s a great idea to buy insurance for your home. However, it’s a devastating experience to purchase insurance you’ll never get to enjoy. Hence, before purchasing home insurance, you must ensure the policy from the insurer is to your advantage.

Knowing its features is the primary way to know if an insurer is offering the right policy. Here are the elements of a good home insurance policy:


The Cover of the Structure

Every insurer includes this basic coverage in every home insurance policy. In this section, the policy protects the physical structure of the residence from a variety of risks and damages. 

This insurance covers the entire structure of the house. It includes the roof, the foundation, electrical equipment, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, among other things. Also, keep in mind that homeowners’ insurance does not cover the land they build the house on.

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Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is one of the most important aspects of any home insurance policy. This coverage essentially shields you from any legal ramifications in an incident. Such cases may arise if you cause damage or physical harm to a third party or property on your premises. 

Every home insurance policy must include this coverage.

Coverage of Additional Structures

In addition to the house’s structure, an insurance policy will cover any other structures surrounding the house. Non-attached structures a home insurance policy covers include detached garages, a fence surrounding the house, or a backyard shed. However, a retaining wall, the driveway, mailbox, and pool may also receive coverage.

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Personal Property Coverage

A house insurance policy will protect your personal belongings and the contents of your home against a variety of risks. Private property insurance usually covers electrical appliances like televisions, laptops, microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and similar products. Mattresses, couches, dining tables, curtains, and rugs are among the items it covers. 


Expensive things, such as jewelry, are usually covered under the personal property coverage of a home insurance policy. However, most insurance companies have defined limits for specific items of personal property when it comes to personal property coverage.


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