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Failure! A Prerequisite for Success

Failure! A Prerequisite for Success



I laugh at those who hate failure.


The fact that we can’t stand failing every time does not mean we won’t fail at all.


Failing is not a tragedy.


What becomes a tragedy is failing and refusing to buckle up for the next task.


Some people fail and instead of standing up, they remain passive watching others succeed.


While some fail, rise again, and today they’ve gotten to the pinnacle of success.


Have you asked the influential, rich, wealthy, great men and women today how they got there?

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None of them got there just like that. 


Most of them encountered disappointment one the way and reasoned on how to swerve that failure into success.


Today, they’ve become that person they aspired to be.


You will encounter failure on your way to success.

But you know what? 

Brace up, pick the lesson you need, change your strategy and keep moving because you will get there.

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