Evelyn Hone College Courses and Programs

Evelyn Hone College courses, short courses, and distance learning options are now available online. Prospective students interested in studying at Evelyn Hone College in Zambia should check the courses offered before starting their educational journey.

Evelyn Hone College Courses


Evelyn Hone College Courses

The Evelyn Hone College (EHC) management has published its undergraduate, postgraduate, and short course offerings online.

These courses depend on the application you submitted and cover both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Every student who is interested in a course should review the entry requirements to be certain that they meet them.

What are the Courses Offered at Evelyn Hone College?

Here is a list of the courses offered at Evelyn Hone College:

Degree Programmes

1. Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (Mulungushi University)

2. Bachelor of Arts in Secretarial and Office Management (Mulungushi University)


3. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management (Binary University)

4. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science (Binary University)

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5. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Management of Technology (Binary University)

The Diploma and Certificate Programmes are as follows;

Accounts and Finance 

1. Diploma in Accounting (ZICA)

2. Diploma in Banking & Finance (ZIBFS)

3. CA Zambia (ZICA)


Computer Studies 

1. Diploma in Computer Studies

2. Secondary Teachers Diploma in Computer Science with Mathematics

3. Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering

4. Diploma in Information Technology

Human Resource Management 

1. Diploma in Human Resource Management (TEVETA)

2. Diploma in Business Management (TEVETA)

3. Diploma in Human Resource Management (Mulungushi University)

4. Diploma in Public Administration (Mulungushi University)

5. Marketing Fundamentals (ZIM)

6. Marketing Essentials (ZIM)

7. Marketing Professional (ZIM)

Production & Operations Management 

1. Diploma in Production and Operations Management

2. Secondary Teachers Diploma in Business Studies (with Commercials)

3. Purchasing and Supply (ZIPS)

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Secretarial and Office Management 

1. Certificate in Secretarial and Office Management

2. Advanced Certificate in Secretarial and Office Management

3. Diploma in Secretarial and Office Management

Short Courses

1. Cyber Security

2. IT Networking and Programming

3. Industrial Productivity

4. Quality Management

5. Secretarial and Office Productivity

6. Transport and Logistics

7. Stores and Inventory Management

Consultancy Services

1. IT hardware and software support

2. Financial and Auditing Services

3. Labour brokering and HR services

4. Productivity Improvement

5. Quality Systems Maintenance

Health and Applied Sciences

1. Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology

2. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology

3. Diploma in Biomedical Sciences

4. Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

5. Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound

6. Diploma in Environmental Health

7. Diploma in Pharmacy

8. Diploma in Physiotherapy

9. Diploma in Radiography

10. Secondary Teachers Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science

11. Secondary Teachers Diploma in Integrated Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

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The College also offers extension studies, distance learning, and consultancy services in various fields. Please review the general requirements before applying for admission.

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Evelyn Hone College Fee

While many institutions use the Student Portal for fee payments, this specific institution might have a different process.

To pay your school fees, please visit the provided University portal link. Keep in mind that the fee amount often depends on your chosen program of study.

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Courses at Evelyn Hone College provide access to a world of learning opportunities. You can choose the options that would best suit your educational goals.

Just remember to check the course details and requirements before you embark on your journey. Your future starts here!


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