Ericsson Graduate Internship 2023

Beginning in February 2023, the Ericsson Graduate Program in South Africa will concentrate on a technological Internship. They seek to draw and mentor the most dedicated, creative, and inventive technical minds.

Ericsson Graduate Internship

Ericsson Graduate Internship

Ericsson is seeking engineering graduates with one of the following bachelor’s degrees who completed their studies between 2021 and 2022.

  • Degrees with a concentration on telecommunications in computer science, software, computer engineering, information technology, networks, or systems
  • The applicant should not have worked for more than a year.

In order to succeed in the position, you must have:

  • Basic knowledge of networks
  • Database Understanding
  • Broad technical aptitude, including a working knowledge of computer languages and scripting
  • commercial and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Logic for Solving Issues
  • Creative Thought
  • Good organizational and planning capabilities
  • Skills in collaboration & teamwork
  • presentation expertise (oral and written)
  • Microsoft Office proficiency Good Communication skills
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How to Apply for Ericsson Graduate Internship

Below is the portal where you can submit your application:

Click Here to Apply

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