Emotions without Motion is a Total Rubbish.

Emotions without Motion is a Total Rubbish.

Define the relationship now…

Why are you toasting the lady or why did you wooed her ?

Why do you want to accept him or why did you accepted his wooing?

Why are you both together in Love?

Where is the relationship heading too?

Why developing emotions on daily basis?

What are you guys focusing on?

What plans do you have together?

Are you seeing the future together or you are just there ?

Define the relationship now.

Don’t turn relationship to course of study…… You can’t get to know her for any duration of time you set for yourself…… She’s not a course…..


If you want to marry, do the needful…. Stop wasting her time all in the name of “Am still studying her”, “noticing her”, “nurturing her” etc…

She’s not matured for marriage, but when you wanted to ask her out, your brain didn’t tell you that .

Is now that you have made her love you deeply, you open mouth to say, she’s not matured for marriage.

You must know the reason or purpose why you want to be in a relationship with someone.

Your game will soon end very soon.

May we not be into relationship with someone who will be using us to cure loneliness or using us for ordinary pleasure.

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Anointing never sustain marriage, Character does….

May God not allow us to be into relationship with someone who will be using us as Game Factor. As in, one will appear or serve as fun to the fellow, as provider of wants not as someone needed as future partner.

The time hasn’t gone yet, know what you want to do with your relationship life.

Is better to be trusting God for marital settlement than be into relationship with unsure fellow, or a partner wasting your time. Using you to catch cruise..

Don’t give room for anyone to make you as an option.

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If you can’t be seen as priority, then you are not needed.

Once you know you’re sharing him or her with others, leave him or her for them, it’s called Soulmate not hotspot.

And once in awhile,try to sit your partner down and know what you are dating.

Ask him/her the purpose of being into the relationship.

And the focus or goals for being in Relationship/ Courtship.

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