Dual Citizenship In Ghana


Ghana allows dual citizenship with countries that notably accept dual citizenship. However, dual citizenship may not be allowed for some host countries, which is why it is essential to confirm from host countries before proceeding with application processes. Dual citizenship, in general, is beneficial to business owners or foreign investors, as it helps them establish their businesses in either of the countries without the need for work or residence permits. Dual citizenship also provides the advantage of owning passports, properties or lands in either countries. Staying for long periods of time in both of the countries is now made extra convenient.



There are certain requirements for the qualification of dual citizenship which must be followed accordingly. Citizens of Ghana who are also citizens of a foreign country must present their Ghanaian passport as proof of Ghanaian citizenship, while their foreign passport and neutralization certification serves as evidence of their citizenship of the foreign country. Four passport photographs are also to be provided with the applicant’s name written boldly on the back.


Citizens of a foreign country that qualify for the citizenship of Ghana through decent must provide their Ghanaian parents’ current passport. Meanwhile, their personal passport and birth certificate would serve as evidence of citizenship of the foreign country. Four passport photographs are also needed with the individual’s name written boldly on the back. All applicants are to provide their names, residential telephone number, postal address, and telephone numbers of two close contacts living in Ghana.


To proceed to the application process of dual citizenship in Ghana, you would need an application for registration addressed to the Hon. Minister for the interior, and a dual citizenship Form 10 application. This can be purchased at the Ministry of Interior or any Diplomatic Missions in the individual’s resident country. Copies of the bio-data page on the individual’s Ghanaian passport or foreign passport must be provided, alongside the above listed requirements such as four passport photographs, and the certificate of neutralization from the foreign country. The dual citizenship application Form 10 costs GHC 500. 00, while the processing fee costs GHC 100.00. For all local applicants, the processing fee is to be paid after the process is completed.



Submission of application is to be done in person, with the original application receipt attached to these listed documents. The time frame for processing takes about six (6) to twelve (12) months, after which the individual receives his/her dual citizenship certification and a dual citizenship identification card. If the application does not meet the requirements, it will be dismissed and the individual would have to begin the process again.


The Ghanaian government warns that dual citizenship holders cannot:

Use their passports interchangeably, but must present their dual citizenship identification card with a specific passport of choice when traveling. Violation may attract certain penalties or imprisonment.


Hold offices such as Chief Justice, High Commissioner, any rank in the Army, any public office, and etcetera.


In conclusion, following the above listed steps would help you avoid common mistakes when starting a business, and more effort can be put into the success of your establishment.


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