Doctors To Vacant From Ghana

According to a recent study of 360 doctors, 90% of them pondered leaving Ghana in search of “greener pastures,” according to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).



At the Association’s recently concluded 64th annual general meeting in Bolgatanga, Dr. Frank Serebuor, president of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), stated that doctors want better working conditions and are looking to leave Ghana.


He said “Immigration of medical doctors from Ghana is an age-old problem that continues to deplete the country of much needed human resources.

“In recent times there have been a surge in the number of health workers including medical doctors leaving the country.

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“The reasons for immigration of doctors seem to vary with time. A recent survey of 360 doctors currently practicing in Ghana showed that about 90 per cent have ever considered leaving the country to move to more developed countries.



“The reason for which doctors leave Ghana include the search for better income, improved working living conditions, better life and schools for their children and opportunities for further education.”



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