Discovering Your Talents

You didn’t have to learn it in school or attend a center to practice. You discovered you could do it! This gift is what we call talent, and discovering your talents should be one of your primary goals.

Discovering Your Talents

For some people, their talent is singing. For others, dance and others; write, teach, learn languages, etc. Whatever your talent is, you must fish it out of you and harness it for your multiplication. Here are some tips to help you in discovering your talents:

Identify Your Strengths

What things do you do easily when several people find it difficult to do? Ask your friends what your qualities are, what makes you strong, weak, etc. Furthermore, highlight your strengths and weaknesses but focus on your strengths as your talents lie in them.


Check your Passions

Some things revolve around which you spend your time and money. What are those things you find yourself doing most of the time? Where does your money go most of the time?

In these passions, your talent might lie.

Examine Your Past

As a child, you subconsciously did several things you might not remember now. Sometimes, you find babies who tend to dance all the time or, for some others, scribble on your books. These moves are signs of talent.

Therefore, ask your parents for those moves you made as a child.

Be Open-minded and Experimental

Don’t limit your thinking to one specific thing or try to force a particular gift on yourself. Try several gifts on several occasions and see those that work well. 

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Don’t Get Too Comfortable

When you relax in your comfort zone, you won’t be able to do anything or try anything new. Step out from that relaxed life and work things out with yourself. Sometimes, we all need to come in terms with little challenges to bring out the gifts in us.

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