Difference between on-campus and off-campus hostels.

College may be a life-changing event. It may either be the most exhilarating or the most depressing period of your life. You will learn actual independence during this phase.

Accommodation is one of the most essential decisions students will have to make: Living on or off-campus?

Each solution has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and we’re here to help you balance your alternatives so you can make an informed choice.

On-Campus Student Hostels.

The on-campus hostel is subjective and dependent on the student. It is still a good option for you. Staying on campus helps overseas students adjust to collegiate life. With a little structure, on-campus hostels are great for first-time students. Resident Assistants (RA), mandatory study and quiet hours, curfews, and regular mealtimes can all hamper independence.

Benefits of on-campus Hostels.

Utility bills included.

Most on-campus hostels offer all-inclusive utility bills that cover gas, water, electricity, cable, and more. Depending on your university, you may be able to pay for your on-campus housing in monthly installments or in whole.

 Well-furnished rooms.

On-campus hostels have the advantage of being fully stacked! A desk, a double bed, and a wardrobe or armoire are standard. Personalize your room with your clothes and decor. Etc.

Off-Campus Hostels.

Off-campus hostels for first-year students have many advantages. But they are great for students who are used to living alone. Considering how much housing costs, not having to pay council tax can be a lifesaver.

Benefits of off-campus hostels.

Rent often includes utilities.

Most off-campus hostel properties include utilities in the monthly fee. Water, power, gas, cable, security, Wi-Fi, etc., are all included in your lease. This helps a lot with budgeting and saving money.


Off-campus housing offers privacy. You can rent a studio room alone or share an apartment with a friend. Staying off-campus allows you to avoid sharing bathrooms, living with other students, and using communal amenities. Off-campus student housing is ideal for students who thrive on independence.

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