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Danger Of Nescafe To Health And Beauty Of Girls

By research and analysis, we found 10 dangers of Nescafe to women more than men, as it affects their beauty, health and psyche, and among the most prominent risks:


Where it raises the heart rate and causes insomnia and burns iron in the body 0


2- “Psych Zero”

Nescafe causes frustration and depression once the level of caffeine decreases, because the body may get used to getting it 0


3-“You won’t sleep”

It causes severe insomnia and inability to sleep, and if you do not take it in the morning, you will get a very big headache and an inability to focus.

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4- “prone to cancer”

The bleaching substance and glucose syrup present in the coffee mix increase the chances of developing bladder cancer 0


5- “Your nervousness will increase.”

Nescafe leads to increased irritability and a feeling of dizziness


6- “Hetksa”

Nescafe blocks the appetite, which makes the skinny body worse and signs of pallor appear on the face.

7- “Your legs will hurt you”

It causes problems in bones, most notably increased arthritis and osteoporosis


8- “Your heart is beating fast”

Palpitations are the feeling of the heartbeat, or the feeling of a fast and strong heartbeat

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9- “Your Children are in Danger”

A number of medical reports indicate that drinking coffee of all kinds in large quantities during pregnancy can lead to the birth of children with birth defects, or small in size.


10- “Your belly will hurt you”

Nescafe helps reduce iron absorption in the body, and also the milk powder in it leads to digestive problems.

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