Criminal Justice Degree Online Program

Criminal justice degrees are the educational background fit for an occupation such as law enforcement and advocacy with various professionals. Many universities in the world are known for their Justice Programs.


Recommendation of Criminal Justice Degree Delivered Online 

From Bachelor’s, Master’s to Doctorate degrees, there are many opportunities for individuals to gain certifications and licenses. The major itself has a large number of students enrolled and pursuing a criminal justice degree.


Not just on-campus Universities, there is also an online degree that people can obtain to have the same degree. Here are some of the best online criminal justice degrees in various Universities. It is conducted fully online, so wherever you are, it is possible to have a class via distance learning.


1. Eastern Kentucky University

EKU offers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice among other programs. This University is recognized as the leader in criminal justice degree. It has some of the finest options dedicated to criminal justice.


The program is available fully online students can obtain better information from its official website. A degree from EKU enables its graduate to fulfill the best positions and even leadership roles in the justice field. EKU’s online criminal justice degree programs can help students to do just that.


2. Liberty University

Liberty University offers a bachelor’s degree in psychology degree especially criminal psychology. Students can pursue a career related to criminal justice degree with the core course in criminal psychology. Yes, the course is available online.

It is common to look deep into criminal psychology stated to determine either low enforcement decisions or other advocacy needs, This degree develops the understanding of human behavior, motivation, and development, particularly for criminals.

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3. University of South Australia Online

The Adelaide, Australia-based University has one of the most up-to-date developments in criminal justice programs. Students can learn the current trends in criminology such as cybercrime, resistance theory, and many more. The graduates will gain a holistic understanding of the courses range for multi-disciplines such as law, criminology, policing, psychology, and sociology.

The program has one of the best online programs with a full spectrum of the criminal justice program. Therefore, its the perfect University to develop a powerful skill set in the program with different perspectives.


4. University Of Central Florida

The UCF’s online bachelor’s in criminal justice program enables its graduates to gain a degree with the proper accredited which is known in the law and justice degree. The class is delivered fully in English, therefore, International students need to master the language first.

The study will lie heavy on the legal and the history of crime in America. Students can choose one of the six undergraduate certificates offered from the Uni. There are also internship opportunities that are beneficial to gain more experience in the subject.


5. San Diego State University

SDSU has a complete criminal justice program bot online and offline degrees. Students can pursue a bachelor’s in criminal justice online with an associate in the administration of justice or its equivalent. So, the justice program in this Uni has a deeper approach to administration.

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SDSU’s online curriculum requires various course units along with public administration and criminal justice elective units. If this is something that you are interested in, a desk job with criminal justice degree at SDSU is the perfect place to gain it.


6. Sam Huston State University

SHSU offers BA and BS degrees online in criminal justice. Students only need a High School diploma to apply. The class is done fully in English, so foreign students will need to submit their SAT or ACT scores. But, overall it is a great degree to pursue due to its online features.

The SHSU graduate will earn additional credits in the social sciences department and also have the opportunity to take an internship program. SHSU has one of the most diverse courses from global terrorism, victimology, to white-collar crime.


7. California State University-San Bernardino

This public university offers 100% Online degrees from various programs. Its Self-Paced Classes is one of the most popular among students. It enables students to cater their time accordingly. The CSUSB’s bachelor’s in criminal justice program requires intensive study time to fulfill its requirement.

There are more than 20 units of criminal justice and electives studies. Graduates can have a deep understanding of forensic profiling, and also wildlife crime. The Uni doesn’t take many participants in every yearly program. So, make sure to read and follow all of its requirements.


8. University of South Dakota 

The USD serves as the flagship school of the state of Dakota. The university hosts various programs with a 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. Among the many online degree options is a bachelor’s in criminal justice both as BA (Bachelor of Art) or BS (Bachelor of Science).

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The degree takes about four years to complete, although there are different calculations for transferred students. Students can learn about criminology, information literacy in the discipline, and criminal law. There is quite a different option to the program.


9. University Of Alabama In Birmingham 

UAB has an online and on-campus, program to obtain their bachelor’s in criminal justice degree. The program typically is finished in four years with a highlight on the judicial process in America, both about its law and criminal justice ethics.


10. King University

This Presbyterian school has been in the education field for over 150 years. It has expanded its program into online programs, one of which is the criminal justice bachelor’s degree. There are about 30 specific prerequisite courses to do before applying.

Some of the major-specific classes are juvenile justice, American policing, ethics and justice, and many more. Student can conduct their studies at their own pace with completion around four years or more.


You can have a degree in criminal justice and pursue a career in law enforcement. There are numerous top universities in the world that you can apply to from anywhere in the world. As long you are eligible to enroll, the opportunity to expand your skill and knowledge in criminal justice is open wide. You can look at those options and choose the best one for you.


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