Copperstone University Courses and Available Programs

Find out the different Copperstone University courses, including short courses and distance learning programs. All student who wants to study at this university in Zambia should check out their educational opportunities at CU.

Copperstone University Courses


Copperstone University Courses

Copperstone University offers a diverse range of academic programs and courses to cater to the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

These programs include B.A. Degree courses, B.ED Degree courses, B.Sc. Degree courses, B.Tech Degree courses, diploma programs, post-diploma courses, and short courses.


With a commitment to quality education, CU provides a platform for students to pursue their academic aspirations.

It is crucial for prospective students to review the specific entry requirements for each program to ensure they meet the necessary criteria.

Copperstone University is dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge and skills required for their chosen career paths.

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What Courses Does Copperstone University Offer?

Here is a list of courses offered at Copperstone University:

School of Business & Management Studies

1. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

2. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Business Development

3. Bachelor of Business Administration

4. Bachelor of Business Administration & Finance

5. Bachelor of Business and Marketing

6. Bachelor of Marketing

7. Bachelor of Human Resource Management

8. Bachelor of Science in Economics & Commerce

9. Bachelor of Science in Economics

10. Bachelor of Commerce

11. Bachelor of Finance and Accounting

12. Bachelor of Accountancy

13. Bachelor of Logistics and Transport

14. Bachelor of Shipping & Logistics

15. Bachelor of Purchasing & Supply

16. Bachelor of Science in Customs & International Trade

17. Bachelor of Local Government Administration

18. Bachelor of Leadership and Management

19. Bachelor of Project Planning and Management

20. Bachelor of Arts in Sales & Retail Management

21. Bachelor of Science in Sports Management

21. Bachelor of Arts in Rural and Urban Development

22. Bachelor of Science in Insurance & Risk Management

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Diploma in:

1. Entrepreneurship

2. Entrepreneurship & Business Development

3. Business Administration

4. Business Administration & Finance

5. Business and Marketing

6. Marketing

7. Project Planning and Management

8. Travel and Tourism

9. Financial Management

10. Finance and Accounting

11. Accountancy

12. Human Resource Management

13. Economics & Commerce

14. Commerce

15. Science in Economics

16. Local Government Administration

17. Leadership and Management

18. Arts Sales & Retail Management

19. Science in Sports Management

20. Arts Rural and Urban Development

21. Science Insurance & Risk Management

Certificate in:

1. Monitoring & Evaluation

2. Monitoring & Evaluation SPSS

3. Project Planning & Management

School of Social Sciences

1. Bachelor of Social Work

2. Bachelor of Anthropology

3. Bachelor of Sociology

4. Bachelor of Development Studies

5. Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling

6. Bachelor of International Relations and Development

7. Bachelor of Customs & International Trade

Diploma in:

1. Social Work

2. Anthropology

3. Sociology

4. Development Studies

5. International Relations and Development

6. Guidance and Counseling

7. Customs & International Trade

School of Science and Technology

1. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

2. Bachelor of Electronics Engineering

3. Bachelor of Building & Construction

4. Bachelor of Mining Engineering

Diploma in:

1. Electrical Engineering

2. Mechanical Engineering

3. Electronics Engineering

4. Motor Vehicle Engineering

5. Auto-Mechanics

6. Metal Fabrication

7. Mining Engineering

8. Building & Construction

Certificate in:

1. Mining Engineering

Institute of Occupational Safety Health and Environmental Science

1. Bachelor of Public Health

2. Bachelor of Environmental Health Science

3. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety Health & Environment

4. Bachelor of Fire Safety Engineering

Diploma in:

1. Public Health

2. Environmental Health Science

3. Occupational Safety Health & Environment

4. Fire Safety Engineering

Faculty of Media And Communication Studies

1. Bachelor of Mass Communication

2. Bachelor of Public Relations

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3. Bachelor of Media Management

4. Bachelor of Digital Animations

5. Bachelor of Corporate Communication

6. Bachelor of Arts Sports Event & Stadium Management

Diploma in:

1. Public Relations

2. Journalism

3. Arts Sports Event & Stadium Management

Faculty of Information Technology And Computing

1. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

2. Bachelor of Science in Web Design Technology

3. Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Dev. & Networking)

4. Bachelor of Computer Hardware and Technology

5. Bachelor of Computer Science

Diploma in:

1. Information Technology

2. Computer Science

School of Education

1. Bachelor of Secondary Education

2. Bachelor of Design & Technology (Education)

3. Bachelor of Commerce (Education)

4. Bachelor of Computer Science with Education

5. Bachelor of Religious Studies with Education

6. Bachelor of Home Economics

7. Bachelor of Primary Education

Diploma in:

1. Primary Education

2. Secondary Education

Institute of Forensics & Strategic Studies

1. Bachelor of Forensic Auditing/Accounting

2. Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

3. Bachelor of Investigations & Security Management

4. Bachelor of Laws

5. Diploma in:

6. Forensic Auditing/Accounting

7. Forensic Science

8. Investigations and Security Management

9. Laws

Certificate in:

1. Forensic Auditing/Accounting

2. Forensic Science

School of Post-Graduate Studies

1. DBA (Business, Finance, Banking, Taxation, etc.)

2. PhD (Entrepreneurship, Economics, Human Resources Mgt, etc.)

3. Master of Forensic Accounting & Auditing

4. Master of Crime Science Investigation

5. Master of Forensic Fingerprints

6. Master of Forensic Photography

7. Master of Document Examiner

8. Master of Ballistics and Explosives

9. Master of Project Management

10. Master of Entrepreneurship

11. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

12. Master of Business Administration (By Research)

13. Master of Social Work

14. Master of Development Studies

15. Master of Education (Coursework & Research)

16. Master of Education (By Research)

17. Master of Theological Studies

18. Masters of Laws (LLM)

19. Master of Public Health

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20. Master of Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Science

21. Master of Environmental Health Sciences

22. Master of Metrology

23. Master of Waste Management

24. Master of Disaster Management

25. Master of Science Economics

The International Courses are as follows;

School of Business & Management Studies

1. Logistics and Transport – Cert. (CILT)

2. Logistics and Transport – Dip. (CILT)

3. Logistics and Transport – Adv. Dip. (CILT)

4. Purchasing and Supply – Cert. (CIPS)

5. Purchasing and Supply – Adv. Cert (CIPS)

6. Purchasing and Supply – Dip. (CIPS)

7. Purchasing and Supply – Adv. Dip. (CIPS)

8. Shipping and Logistics – Cert. (ABMA)

9. Shipping and Logistics- Dip. (ABMA)

10. Shipping and Logistics- Adv. Dip. (ABMA)

11. ZICA – Technician- (Per Course/Subject)

13. ZICA – Licentiate – (Per Course/Subject)

14. ZICA – Professional-(Per Course/Subject)

15. ACCA – Knowledge (Per Course/Subject)

16. ACCA Skills – (Per Course/Subject)

17. ACCA Professional – (Per Course/Subject)

School of Social Sciences

1. Community Development – Cert. (ABMA)

2. Community Development -Dip. (ABMA)

3. Community Development -Adv. Dip. (ABMA)

4. HIV/AIDS Management -. Dip.

Faculty of Information Technology and Computing

1. IMIS -Foundations

2. IMIS – Diploma

3. IMIS – Higher Diploma

4. Computer Engineering – Cert. (ABMA)

5. Computer Engineering -Dip. (ABMA)

6. Computer Engineering -Adv. Dip. (ABMA)

7. Computing and Information Systems – Cert. (ABMA)

8. Computing and Information Systems -Dip. (ABMA)

9. Computing and Information Systems -Adv. Dip. (ABMA)

Please note that course offerings may vary, and it’s essential to check specific requirements before applying for admission.

So if you’re considering your educational journey, Copperstone University has your back. They offer a diverse range of courses, whether you prefer on-campus or distance learning.

Dive into your passions and find the perfect program for you. Your academic adventure awaits at CU!


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