Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships in New Zealand 2024

It would interest you to know that Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships are now out and applications are ongoing. Do you wish to study in New Zealand? this is an opportunity for you.

Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships


Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships

New Zealand is one beautiful country any person can wish to visit or study and their scholarships are open to foreigners and citizens across various courses.


There are scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs, in many institutions and they don’t require an additional application fee. 

The bachelor’s curriculum lasts four years, while the Master’s and  Doctoral degree program lasts three years.

The aim is to support individuals from poor countries by providing opportunities for higher education to persons with academic excellence.

New Zealand’s government-funded NZIDRS scheme offers full coverage of course fees for doctoral research, while many universities worldwide offer additional grants to support PhD program expenses.

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How to Apply for Scholarship

New Zealand Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships cover a variety of expenses, including full tuition, living, medical insurance, travel costs, research expenses, and thesis fees. 

The scholarship is for one year, and students can apply using the MHRD-designed Sakshat site. Applicants must complete the application form.

The application form can be downloaded from the MHRD’s official website, the Sakshat portal, or the MFAT website.


Also, you must complete the form and submit documents to the MHRD office like

1. Provide scanned copies of mark sheets, diplomas, and qualifying exam results, along with university-provided GPA to percentage conversion.

2. Provide copies of the date of birth/school leaving certificate after grade ten and then you write a 500-word essay about the study plan for the scholarship while in New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria

1. The candidate should be a citizen of one of the Commonwealth member countries and must be 18 before applying for the scholarship.

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2. Applicants must meet New Zealand Government visa requirements, including health, security checks, home nation clearances, and English proficiency.

3. For applicants pursuing a master’s degree, an accredited bachelor’s degree or one from their home country is required.

4. A master’s degree from a recognized university is required for applicants to Ph.D. programs.

5. Relocation to New Zealand for at least two years or until the scholarship expires.

6. To demonstrate English competence, the New Zealand government accepts strong IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or CAE scores. So, postgraduate applicants must have relevant documents.

Benefits of the Scholarships

1. New Zealand universities rank top 3 globally for academic quality, and financial aid makes studying abroad accessible, offering beautiful academic experiences.

2. Access to top universities and the UK’s academics provide unique research resources, enriching the educational experience for scholars.

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3. Scholarship covers full tuition, weekly stipend up to 491 NZD, initial allowance of 3000 NZD, and insurance.

4. Returning home at the beginning or end of the scholarship program and covering research expenses are emphasized for postgraduate students.

Application Deadline

The application deadline depends on regions, schools, and other factors that are available on the sites but be reassured they are announced online or through other media.

You can always visit their official pages to get steady information about these scholarships available and their requirements according to the institution.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage for details and look out for specific scholarships for your academic field of study before applying.

Finally, the Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships will benefit you a whole lot. Grab the opportunity now it’s within your reach.


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