Common Nightmares And Their Meanings

Nightmares are not what we enjoy, but that does not stop them from happening. At one point or the other, everybody has nightmares, some are less terrible than the others. In this post, we are going to be sharing with you, the 9 most common nightmares that people usually experience. Check them out below;

9)Flying In The Air


Most people have dreams where they are flying in the air, the feeling is not always so pleasant, sometimes it feels awkward to be flying in the air in your dreams. It is believed that if you see yourself flying in a dream, it means that you are craving for stability in life. It means that you have an opportunity that is about to slip off from your hands. Well, I don’t believe in dreams, but maybe you do.



8) Being Nak*d

Even when we are not dreaming, it feels weird to be nak*d, not to talk of seeing yourself nak*d in a dream. Sometimes, people dream and see themselves walking nak*d in public, and they are not always happy when they wake up from such a dream. In some religious beliefs, they would tell you that walking naked in a dream means that shame and disgrace might be coming towards the person that had the dream, or any of his or her loved ones.

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 07) Arriving Late

This is a very common nightmare that doesn’t give whoever is involved a good feeling. It is believed that if a person keeps dreaming that he or she is arriving late, it means that the person is not prepared for something that is about to happen to him or her. It could also mean that the person is afraid of loosing an opportunity that the person is expecting.


06) Being Chased

Who loves being chased? nobody, be it in a dream or in real life, nobody loves being chased. It also brings fear and anxiety. Being chased in a dream could mean that you are avoiding an issue. It is always important that you take note of what is chasing you or who is chasing you in that particular dream.

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5) Night Cramp

The feeling of suddenly waking up with night cramps is very horrible. Most times, it depends on how you slept. You are not even aware of what is happening until you wake up and try to move, and discover that you are having difficulties in moving your legs. It’s a very scary feeling with many thoughts running through your mind at that moment.


4) Drowning

The feeling of drowning in a dream is very scary. One having to watch him/her self die without being able to do anything about it, that is a very scary feeling for anybody to experience. The feeling of drowning in a dream could mean that you are overwhelmed by a particular situation or problem either at your place of work, or with your family. The feeling of not being able to breath could also mean that you are not getting enough time to yourself.



The moment when anyone dies in a dream is one of the most scary things that anybody could ever experience in a dream. Dying could mean that you are about to experience a major change in your life. Dying could also mean that a major transformation is about to happen in your life Dying in a dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to die in real life.

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The feeling of being trapped in a dream is always not a nice feeling, it always feels like you are being restrained even when you don’t want to be. Being trapped always expresses your current feelings and emotions, your fears and limitations. Sometime, what you might be passing through at that particular point in time, might be the reason why you always see yourself being trapped in a dream.


1)Falling Off A Cliff

Falling off a cliff in a dream is one of the most common nightmares that most people experience. Being pushed off a cliff could mean that you have some insecurities but tripping or accidently falling off a cliff could means that you lack self-confidence. Whichever way, it means that you are getting out of control.



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