College of Education: Portal, Admission Form, and Requirements

The College of Education is a tertiary institution that offers educational programs for aspiring teachers and education professionals. As part of its commitment to excellence, the College however has developed an online portal that provides easy access to admission processes generally. However, this is to explore the College of Education’s portal, admission form, and requirements in detail through this post.

College of Education: Portal, Admission Form, and Requirements


College of Education

This a tertiary institution, the College of Education is however committed to training students who want to take up careers in the education field or sector.

Therefore, the College of Education’s main goal is to give intending teachers the knowledge, abilities, and skills they need to succeed teachers.


Furthermore, its Colleges have a range of degree programs and awards for students. Bachelor, and Master’s degrees including certificate programs in different fields of study.

Most importantly, its faculty comprises experienced committed educators and researchers to provide high-quality instruction and mentorship to students.

Finally, College also conducts research and outreach activities to advance the field of education and address pressing societal challenges of having competent teachers.

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Accessing the College Of Education Student Portal

1. You must first navigate to the portal page on the College’s website.


2. Then input your login information, which may include your username and password, after finding the portal page.

3. For a new student, the admission office at the College may require you to set up an account and get login information.

4. And log in once you have completed creating your account at the portal.

Admission Portal Login Steps

Do the following to access the admission portal:

1. Visit the College Of Education portal: click here.

2. Then enter your Voucher Serial Number and Voucher Pin that you used for the application process

3. Afterward, click on the “Login” button to access the admission portal dashboard.

College of Education Admission Applications steps

1. First, make a payment of Two Hundred Cedis (GHC200.00) to the Colleges of Education Account at any branch of Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited or through an approved mobile money network.

 2. After payment, you will be given the following information: A Personal Identification Number (PIN) and An Admission Application Serial Number.

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3. Then visit the Colleges of Education admission website: and follow the specific stated there to fill out the online application form.

4. You would then have to select three Colleges of your choice for your program and an accompanying Ghanaian Language.

5. Kindly note that application forms not properly completed will not be processed.

6. After completing the online application form, you will then have to print a copy which should be sent with one passport photograph and a copy/copies of their results slip(s) (where available). And send it to the college you chose in step 5 with a proper address.

7. You will then receive an SMS (text message) confirming your application.

8. Also, the admission offer will be sent to you notifications by SMS when your application is processed. As failure means your application was not successful.

9. And note that the Colleges will check the results and details you provide, from the West African Examinations Council as part of the admission process.

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Basic Requirements for Admission

The requirements vary depending on the degree program and the level of studies. The following are the basic requirements for admission:

1. College of Education accepts those with a diploma or an equivalent in several institutions.

2. Some programs may ask applicants to submit their results from standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.

3. Furthermore, applicants may be told to submit letters of recommendation.

4. In some programs, applicants may however be to write essays to show their writing ability and express their academic and career goals.

5. Finally, some programs may need an interview to assess a student’s motivation, interpersonal skills, and readiness for the program.

Lastly, the College of Education’s online portal gives a convenient and accessible way for intending students to access admission forms and requirements.

 Hence, by meeting the basic admission requirements, students can begin their journey toward a fulfilling career in the education field.

If you have read through this post, you have explored the College of Education’s portal, admission form, and requirements in detail.


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