Coca-Cola Job Opportunities 2022

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There is a magic about The Coca-Cola company that creates a feeling of warmth whenever you hear it. The company is not just a friend to its customers but also a friend to its workers. If you’ve ever dreamt of working in this enticing merchandise, you have made the right decision.

Coca-Cola Job Opportunities

Working in Coca-Cola, you have the opportunity of making as much as $100,000 annually with other bonuses and incentives. Added to this is the benefit of a familiar and friendly working environment where you’ll feel accepted. 

This article explores all the job opportunities present in the Coca-Cola company and harnesses them. Here, you’ll get detailed information on the benefits of these jobs and what it entails to get you prepared.

10 Coca-Cola Job Opportunities in 2022

Below are some of the best Coca-Cola job opportunities in 2022.

General Production Operator, American Canyon

This position requires you to be responsible for general tasks involving handling physical products, materials, and supplies. People in this job will set up the machinery to ensure all production materials are readily available. 

The job location is at the Coca-Cola Company long Commerce Blvd, American Canyon, CA 94503 in the U.S. However, the interview for the job will be virtual and not in a physical location.

You will need a Resume to enter the interview platform. Set up a quiet place using a desktop or device with a strong connection so that there’ll be no disconnections. After signing up, you’ll receive an email with all instructions on setting up connections.

The dress code for the interview is anything casual but decent and presentable. A person in this position earns from $29,000 to $37,000 per year.

Merchandiser, Martha’s Vineyard

The job of a merchandiser entails a person responsible for the stocking and maintenance of the company. People who put in for this job ensure that beverages sections, coolers, displays, and all other points are well stocked.

For a breakdown, the merchandiser is to do the following:

  • Maintain product display areas such as the racks, shelves, coolers, and others by replenishing them when they run out.
  • Identify and immediately report unhealthy or unsafe working atmosphere
  • Communicate status of the store and other complaints to the company’s personnel
  • Assist in providing information to customers concerning the products

You have to be a high school diploma holder or any preferred equivalents with a valid driver’s license. You also need six months of general work experience with one year of experience working in a grocery store. Other requirements like physical strength and vigor also come into play when applying for the job.

The job location is Martha’s Vineyard, and working here has numerous benefits attached to it. These benefits include paid housing, disability, health, dental and vision insurance, and gym membership as well. Workers earn $23 per hour.

Order Builder Loader, Amarillo

When you order a package from the company, these are the people who will bring it down to your doorstep. The Order Builders team ensures that the customers are well stocked with every Coca-Cola product, keeping them refreshed all year long.

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The duties of an Order Builder Loader include:

  • Meeting productivity requirements
  • Building orders according to the load tickets using their industrial equipment
  • Lifting and moving products to restock and ensure proper rotation
  • Arranging completed pallets for their designated location

The job requirement includes a High School Diploma or its equivalents with a minimum of six months of work experience. The applicant is also to have experience in a field of work similar to that of an order builder. Physical strength, agility, fine motor skills, and good body coordination are also required for this job.  

The salary for the job is an estimate of $26,000 to $33,000 annually.

Warehouse General Labourer, Hanover

This position involves general warehouse duties like maintenance, repairing, cleaning, and housekeeping. Individuals in this position maintain an efficient and hazard-free warehouse to support the business.

A general warehouse laborer carries out the following duties:

  • Organizes all warehouse records to ensure the harmonious running of the activities
  • Repairs all warehouse damage or assign individual workers to handle them
  • Completes cleaning and housekeeping tasks as the warehouse cleaning schedule demands
  • Carries out other Warehouse Management activities

The job is tedious and requires the person to work in a noisy and non-temperature controlled environment. Other job requirements are:

  • A Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Certification: Pallet Jack and Floor Scrubber.
  • Knowledge from some years of work experience
  • Physical manpower for working in a fast-paced environment while walking and lifting loads constantly.
  • Ability to organize and arrange data and information from warehouse conditions
  • Ability to use computers effectively and interpret instructions from a computer screen
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Team spirit to work with other co-workers harmoniously

The estimated payment for this job is $28,000 to $35,000 annually.

Logistics Operator II, Vancleave

The Logistic Operator II can move products using powered industrial equipment. Others tasks involved with this include:

Recording of amounts of goods and items delivered or received

  • Cross-checking accuracy in picking orders
  • Fulfilling orders from tickets according to the set quotas
  • Proper stacking and storage of goods and other materials
  • Inspection of the equipment used in work
  • Carrying out other tasks associated with the movement of products

To qualify for this job, the person needs to be 18 years of age and willing to work. The person is also to have some other qualifications, which include:

  • Minimum of one month of related work experience or high school education experience, if not a combination of both
  • Ability to maintain company guidelines and adhere to the instructions of the company
  • Ability to work securely and safely in peaceful co-existence with other workers
  • Physical strength for continuous standing, walking, squatting, pushing, lifting, carrying, kneeling, and other locomotive actions
  • Ability to make full use of the assets and resources the company offers
  • Regular and diligent attitude to work with a flexible work schedule

The pay for this job can go up to $30,000 per year. Other benefits include health, disability, dental, and life insurance with a gym membership and advancements opportunities.

Part-Time Forklift Operator I, Charlotte

The part-time Forklift Operator I is in charge of various warehouse duties that usually involve a PIT Forklift. These tasks include inbound unloading, replenishing the pick floor, outbound loading, fulfilling customers’ orders, and so on. In some cases, their assignments may not require using a forklift as the task may be.

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Other duties of a Part-time Forklift Operator I include:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the warehouse  and work area with other tasks as the management demands
  • Retrieving quantities of cases of products safely to build a stable pallet of products.
  • Performing other duties as the case may be

There are several abilities, skills, and knowledge this job entails. To be eligible for the job, the person should have:

  • Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Certification: Paller Jack, Scrubber, Single Forklift, Double Forklift.
  • Knowledge from one to three years of work experience
  • Corperation in a noisy and non-temperature-controlled environment
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced condition, in a team-driven environment
  • Ability to coordinate and carry out effective warehouse practices
  • Knowledge of the details of the goods and products to tell them apart 
  • Little knowledge on the use of computers and interpretation of computer instructions
  • Flexible work schedules and daily routines as work hours are subject to change

The pay for this job is $17 per hour as a part-time job.

Warehouse Clerk, Whitestown

As the manual job is going on, the warehouse clerk considers all the figures from the activities. The clerk is responsible for the recording and accounting of inbound and outbound goods, materials, and other items.

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The duties of the warehouse clerk include:

  • Using warehouse facilities to keep track of the movement of goods and inventory into and outside the building. These inbound and outbound loads include Pos (Purchase Orders), STOs (Stock Transport Orders), deposit loads, and customer orders (shipments)
  • Passing information to the warehouse management, other departments, and outsiders to ensure accuracy in the movement of goods
  • Completing and maintaining the daily, weekly, and monthly records, logs, and reports
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of work area by looking out for faults, and communicating it to the management
  • Performing other duties as the management may assign

The warehouse clerk should possess the following qualifications, skills, and abilities:

  • High School Diploma, GED, or any equal qualifications
  • Knowledge from one to three years of work experience
  • Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Certification: Pallet Jack
  • General knowledge on the use of computers with PC skills like Microsoft Office and Excel
  • General knowledge of the processes of the warehouse and how it operates
  • Ability to cope in a fast-paced atmosphere
  • Manpower for carrying of loads which may likely happen
  • Ability to work in peaceful collaboration with other team members
  • Flexibility in work schedule

The pay for this job is an estimate of $25,000 to $35,000 a year. There are other added benefits and work incentives.

Warehouse Quality Associate, Saint Charles

A warehouse quality associate has the duty of checking the validation of any load coming into the warehouse. A quality associate job requires inbound and outbound matches, inspecting all vehicles, and maintaining records from his tasks. He thereby records every inventory data and ensures load accuracy at check-in.

The requirements for this job include:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • At least one year of work experience
  • Basic Computer knowledge and ideas on technological skills like operating a phone or laptop
  • Experience in auditing as well as in warehouse operations
  • Experience with using forklifts or pallet jack
  • Ability to speak and communicate fluently and constantly
  • Strong vision and sound health
  • Ability to work in diverse warehouse atmospheres, as the case may be
  • Ability to move to any destination throughout the facility
  • The job pays an estimate of $18 per hour. There are also added incentives like health, dental and vision insurance
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Blend Master, Dunedin

A Blend Master is one of the workers operating in the direct production department of the company. They perform productions tasks like packaging, filling, and labeling the products. Blend masters can also use every production equipment and monitor them to ensure a smooth production process.

The requirements for this job include:

  • A High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience as a production operator
  • Good computer skills
  • Mathematics and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the operation of equipment
  • Valid forklift license with skills on how to operate a forklift
  • Physical manpower to carry out tasks
  • Ability to work for almost eleven hours with overtimes
  • The pay for the job is an estimate of $25,000 to $31,000

Lubrication Technician, American Canyon

This job best option for you if you know how to use lubricants on all production equipment. The lubrication technician maintains all equipment to ensure quality, safety, productivity, and security. Other tasks include ordering lubrication materials as needed, participating in cleanliness objectives, and other secondary projects.

The job requires a High School certificate or its equivalent with related work experience. It also requires strong communication and relationship management skills with knowledge in Microsoft Word, CMMS, Email, and Excel.

The pay for this job is estimated at $50,000 to $65,000 annually.

How to Apply at Coca-Cola Company

Every application has a process of its own. For coca-cola job opportunities, you only need the perfect resume and courage.

Before you go hurrying off to drop an application, ensure that you’re qualified for the position you selected. Once you’re sure of this, you proceed to submit your resume.

One little tip; the resume should be only a page. Nonetheless, it should contain the significant details that any employer would like to see. Briefly describe who you are, your skills, and why you’re the best person for the job.

If the company decides that you’re fit for the position, they might schedule an interview. You can also read through our interview tips for information on how to prepare for your meeting.

Once you scale through this phase, you might get lucky.

Benefits of taking a Job at Coca-Cola

There are many benefits to obtain when working for one of the top brands in the world today. So, if you would like to get a job urgently, taking one at Coca-Cola is an interesting start. Some of the benefits of working with Coca-Cola are:

  • There are no discriminations among races, sex, gender, color, and so on
  • Insurance including life, health, vision, dental, and disability insurance
  • Opportunities for self-growth and development
  • Paid sick leaves 
  • Free drinks, juices, and other liquor

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering whether Coca-Cola is the right option for you, I can imagine you’ve gotten an answer. From the employee ratings and reviews, the company has proven to be a place to be.

With this comprehensive post, I hope you’ve selected the right job for you at the Coca-Cola company. Though there are still hundreds of them, I have discussed some major job vacancies. So, what are you waiting for? Send in your resume.

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