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Cigna Healthspring Provider Portal 2024: Complete Guide

Cigna Healthspring Provider Portal is dedicated to working effortlessly in assisting and improving the provision of high-quality healthcare and making administrative tasks for medical professionals simpler. Do you want to know more about this portal? scroll down a bit.

Cigna Healthspring Provider Portal


Cigna Healthspring Provider Portal

The Cigna Healthspring is an online medical service team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

They are merging with health companies worldwide to assist in emergency health services and tips. Outside the US, they can recommend a partner hospital or clinic when necessary.


The portal they created is to enable them to reach out to more people who might need their service and also keep the health records of patients intact to enhance efficient treatment.

The benefits of registering or creating an online account with them are over the cons. Moreover, they are reliable and genuine with client information and healthcare.

How to Register

1. You will start by searching for the Cigna Healthspring website and then click on it to access the homepage.

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This homepage is otherwise called the “Provider Portal” or “Provider”.


2. Scroll down to the last section of the page and click on the “Register” button to sign up as a fresher to the site.

3. You start your registration process by filling out all required details correctly.

4. Create a username and password for your account and accept the terms and conditions to successfully submit the form.

5. The mail you receive from the company signifies that your application was successfully received. You can go back to login.

Note: Always keep your Support ID safe, it’s an important detail you shouldn’t share.

How to Login

1. To get started, click the link below that says “Log In” and then enter your OneHealthPort user ID and password.

Your computer will be examined after logging in to see if the browser is authorized.

2. Answer the three or more security questions you created when you first enrolled for OneHealthPort to register your browser or during password reset.

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3. If not, the Browser Second Factor security feature will prompt you to register your browser.

They provide access to the CIGNA for Health Care Professionals website following the completion of browser registration.

Uses of the Cigna Healthspring Portal 

1. To access eligibility, coverage, and claims status information.

2. You can generate an estimated cost for service/treatment.

3. A general view of policies and payment guidelines is always available within the portal.

4. You can also make subsequent inquiries about covered services.

5. You enjoy online orders from the CIGNA medical store or pharmacy and view the pharmacy drug list.

6. Access healthcare professional reference guides.

How it Works

Through OneHealthPort‘s “Browser Second Factor” function, CIGNA is providing greater security access to the CIGNA for Health Care Professionals website.

This feature allows you to recognize both your OneHealthPort password and your computer, adding another degree of identity verification to protect personal health information online.

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If you answer the security questions correctly, your browser will install a “cookie”. You can control how long the cookie is active on that specific machine.

1. Installing the cookie permanently is best if you want the questions to be remembered when using your regular computer. You can sign in without answering the security questions again.

2. If you are using another computer, temporarily install the cookie. The cookie will be forgotten and the security questions must be answered again when using that computer.

3. If your company doesn’t allow cookies, or regularly deletes cookies, you can choose to use a browser certificate.

To wrap this up, the portal is for everyone and the recommendation to register is high. However, the fees for treatment depend on your insurance and the severity of your illness.

Communicating with your instructor on the portal will give you an estimate and suggest the best place and treatment for you. You need it and you will enjoy it.


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