Chuka University Fee Structure: Scholarships and Financial Aid 2023/2024

Discover the Chuka University Fee Structure and related costs. Also, learn about the scholarships and financial aid available at Chuka University and what they are known for.

Chuka University Fee Structure


Chuka University Fee Structure 

The Chuka University Fee Structure is a vital aspect of planning for your academic journey. When it comes to pursuing higher education, understanding the cost involved is essential.

prospective students considering studying at Chuka University in Kenya should make sure that he or she understands the university’s fee structure before applying.


Below, you will find detailed information on the various fees and costs associated with studying at Chuka University:

Government-Sponsored Students (Excluding B.Sc Nursing)

Fees and Charges Amount (Ksh)
Tuition (Per Year/Semester) Ksh. 16,000 / Ksh. 8,000
Other Fees and Charges (Per Academic Year) Ksh. 17,300

Government Sponsored Students (B.Sc Nursing)

Fees and Charges Amount (Ksh)
Tuition (Per Year/Semester) Ksh. 16,000 / Ksh. 8,000
Other Fees and Charges (Per Academic Year) Ksh. 35,550

Certificates Course Fees

Fees and Charges Amount (Ksh)
Tuition Ksh. 28,000
Total Ksh. 35,000
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Certificate (Animal Health) Fee Structure

Session Tuition Attachment Examination Library Caution money Registration Student ID Total
1 Ksh. 35,000 Ksh. 7,000 Ksh. 2,000 Ksh. 2,000 Ksh. 2,000 Ksh. 1,000 Ksh. 500 Ksh. 50,500
2 Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 30,000
3 Ksh. 20,000 Ksh. 20,000
4 Ksh. 20,000 Ksh. 20,000

Diplomas Fee Structure

Fees and Charges Amount (Ksh)
Tuition fee (Per Semester) Ksh. 35,000
Total fees for 1 semester Ksh. 48,500
Total fees for 2 semesters Ksh. 35,000

Diploma in Education Primary Fee Structure

Block Tuition fees Total fees
Block I Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 43,500
Block II Ksh. 20,000
Block III Ksh. 20,000

Bachelor’s Degree (Science Courses) Fee Structure

Semester Tuition fees Total fees
1 Semester Ksh. 55,000 Ksh. 73,500
2 Semesters Ksh. 55,000 Ksh. 55,000

Bachelor’s Degree Arts Fee Structure

Semester Tuition fees Total fees
1 Semester Ksh. 50,000 Ksh. 68,500
2 Semesters Ksh. 50,000 Ksh. 50,000
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Please note that the fees are subject to change.

Does Chuka University Offer Scholarships?

Yes! Chuka University offers financial aid for postgraduate studies. You can get one by applying for one of their high-merit scholarships. Gift aid that doesn’t require you to pay back includes scholarships and grants.

Other forms of financial aid are;

1. Scholarships and Bursaries: Chuka University provides scholarships and bursaries to students who have good academic records or those with financial needs.

2. Student Loans: Students can check out student loan options through financial institutions. Chuka University may provide guidance on accessing loans to cover educational expenses.

3. Work-Study Programs: Some students may choose work-study programs that will allow them to gain work experience while partially funding their education.

4. Government Sponsorship: Government-sponsored programs may be available to students who meet specific requirements. These programs can significantly reduce the financial burden of education.

What is Chuka University Known for?

Chuka University which is located in Eastern Province, Kenya, is known for being the first institution of higher learning established in the region.

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Its establishment is in line with the government’s objective of improving educational equity and access. It is not only for the local community but for the entire nation of Kenya.

Chuka University has made significant contributions to higher education in Kenya. They offer different kinds of academic programs and also promote excellence in education.

It is a well-known educational institution in Kenya because it is important to advance information, skills, and opportunities for the local community and students from all over the country.

Understanding the Chuka University Fee Structure is very important for both prospective and current students.

Being aware of the fees, payment options, and financial aid opportunities will help students plan their education more effectively.

Your academic journey at Chuka University is within reach, and with the right knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your future.


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