Chalimbana University School Fees 2024/2025

The Chalimbana University School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session are out. All New and old Students of Chalimbana University in Zambia are expected to check the school fees.

Chalimbana University School Fees


Chalimbana University School Fees 

Aspiring students are strongly advised to carefully review the school fees at Chalimbana University for the upcoming academic session in 2023/2024.

We will provide essential information for both new and returning students to understand and verify their fixed school fees.


Please Note that:

1. Registration requires payment of fees.

2. All university fees should be paid into the CHAU Directorate Account or by cheque into the same account.

3. Fees meant to cover costs related to student welfare and research should be paid directly to the student.

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4. Please be aware that if a student withdraws from studies, tuition, and other fees may not be refunded in full.

For information and inquiries, you can contact Chalimbana University, ChaU by visiting the institution’s official website.

See also: Chalimbana University Student Portal

Chalimbana University Fee Structure for 2023/2024 Academic Session

Here is the fee structure for Chalimbana University for the 2023/2024 academic session:

Degree Program Tuition Fee (per semester)
Distance Degree 2,500 K
Master’s Degree Programs 5,500 K
Undergraduate Programs (B.Sc) 4,400 K

What are the Courses Offered at Chalimbana University?

Chalimbana University offers a wide range of courses according to degree.

They include;

Undergraduate Programs at Chalimbana University

1. A Bachelor of Business Studies with Education (8 Semesters)

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2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (8 Semesters)

3. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Entrepreneurship (8 Semesters)

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (8 Semesters)

5. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Accounting and Finance (8 Semesters)

6. Bachelor of Science in Transport and Logistics (8 Semesters)

7. BS.c (Bachelor of Science) in Banking and Finance (8 Semesters)

8. Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (8 Semesters)

9. Education

10. Early Childhood Studies

11. Humanities and Social Sciences

12. Leadership and Business Management

13. Mathematics and Sciences

14. Sports, Music and Fine Arts

15. Vocational and Practical Skills

Postgraduate Programs at Chalimbana University

1. Master of Education Leadership and Management

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2. The Master of Music Education

3. MBA (Master of Business Administration)-Generic

4. Master of Business Studies with Education

5. MBA (Master of Business Administration)-HR

6. Master of Business Administration-Entrepreneurship & Innovation

7. MBA (Master of Business Administration) -Marketing

8. MSc in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

9. Master of Early Childhood Education

10. ME (Master of Education) – Primary Education

11. Master of Education-Applied Linguistics

12. A Masters in Gender Studies

13. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Chalimbana University’s school fees and diverse course offerings for the 2023/2024 academic session provide prospective students with vital information for their educational journey.

Affordable tuition and a wide range of programs make this University an attractive choice.


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