CBD Oiled Scholarship – Hemp For a Sustainable Future Scholarship 2023


CBD Oiled Scholarship – Hemp For a Sustainable Future Scholarship

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, the CBD Oiled Scholarship – Hemp For a Sustainable Future Scholarship is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

The CBD Oiled Scholarship – Hemp For a Sustainable Future Scholarship and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for CBD Oiled Scholarship – Hemp For a Sustainable Future Scholarship are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.


How to Apply for CBD Oiled Scholarship – Hemp For a Sustainable Future Scholarship

Here are some brief descriptions of the top CBD Oiled Scholarship – Hemp For a Sustainable Future Scholarship.

More About the CBD Oil Scholarship – Hemp Future Scholarship 2022

CBD Oiled believes that education is the key to sensitizing the public to the potential of hemp. Current students in a wide range of fields of study will be the future drivers of change and the leaders of new green businesses.

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The CBD Oil Base Scholarship will be offered to a student who demonstrates how the knowledge and expertise in his area of study can be applied to any sector connected with the sustainable hemp industry.

Level/Field of Study

The Hemp Future Scholarship 2023 is open to all students pursuing their chosen field of study in an accredited university or college.

Host Nationality

The Hemp Future Scholarship 2023 is offered by CDB Oiled, a UK-based social enterprise interested in many ways in which the reappearance of the hemp industry (Cannabis Sativa L) can be beneficial for society.

They believe that hemp has an important role to play in creating sustainable industries, as well as being positive for society and for human well-being.

Meanwhile, many countries have a long history with hemp as they have been growing hemp for thousands of years. Hemp was used for food, buildings, fabrics, paper, fuel, oils, and medicines.

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Their vision is the recovery of the hemp industry, able to provide raw materials for thousands of organic products, create thousands of jobs, improve the well-being of society members, and have an impact beneficial to the environment.

Eligible Nationality

CBD Oiled Scholarship 2023 is available to international students from various countries all over the world.

Scholarship Worth

The winner of the CBD Oil Scholarship – Hemp for a Sustainable Future Scholarship 2023 will be awarded $1,500, which will be sent by post to the recipient’s college/university to be used for the college expenses of the student for the current study year.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, Interested applicants must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Be students who are enrolled or about to be enrolled at an accredited university or college.
  • Students from all countries and online students are eligible to apply.

How to Apply for CBD Oiled Scholarship

Applicants are to write a 1,000 to a 1,500-word article that explores the following:

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How do you think the knowledge/experience in your field of study can be applied to improve any aspect of the sustainable hemp industry for the benefit of the planet and/or society?

Suggested topics:

  • Hemp farming
  • Cannabis medicine
  • Cannabis oil supplements
  • CBD oil
  • Hemp paper production
  • Hemp fuel
  • Conservation
  • Hemp fabrics
  • Hemp paper

Supporting Documents:

Please gather the following and submit your application to scholarship@cbdoiled.com:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • College or University Name
  • College or University Mailing Address
  • Proof of Enrollment (submit as .jpeg, .pdf, or .doc )
  • Your essay explores any of the suggested topics relating to benefits to the planet/society.
  • Please submit as .pdf or .doc
  • Acceptance of their terms and conditions for entry.

CBD Oiled Scholarship Application 2023 Deadline

The deadline for submission is May 31, annually.

The winner will be selected and notified by June 15th, 2023.

For more information on the CBD Oil Base Scholarship 2023, interested applicants should visit the link below:

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