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Sex can be awesome. But sometimes sex can cause pain, whether it’s before, during, or after having sex. Let’s face it, everyone has experienced pain with sex in one form or another.

There are a number of common reasons for painful sex, and there’s even a medical name for the condition: “dyspareunia”. You can often fix, or at least reduce, the problem of painful sex. If the painful sex is one that u can’t fix on ur own, you should definitely speak with your Doctor.



When u have sex for the first time, you’re stretching ur hymen, which could cause painful sex. Or u might not have been aroused enough before the penetration happened. When u are aroused, ur vagina lengthens, making room for a penis, also become lubricated when u’re aroused. If you’re not sufficiently lubricated, intercourse will probably hurt from friction caused by thrusting.

Make sure you are aroused before intercourse next time through plenty of foreplay and ask your guy to start slowly when he’s thrusting you, you can let him know if the sex is painful, or you can give him directions on what to do, such as telling him to slow down a bit.

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For the male, make the lecture on “how to deflower a pussy” be part of you.


 (2) TOO DRY

If u aren’t producing enough lubrication before intercourse happens, it could cause painful sex. You might wish to have sex, but you just aren’t producing enough natural lubrication. This could happen, even after lots of foreplay, maybe you’re taking allergy pills or birth control pills, both of which can also lead to dryness.

For some women, their bodies just never produce enough natural lubrication to make sex comfortable, & that’s fine!

Always use a water base lubricant. Readily available at the pharmacy(there are different types though. For those that have one allergies or the other, pick one that works well with you and your partner)



If you’re anxious & tense about having sex, penetration will probably be painful because you aren’t lubricated enough, meaning that sex can hurt. The solution here is to relax and ditch ur sexual anxiety. Maybe you just need a good massage.

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Infections, such as a yeast infection, can cause painful sex because your vagina is in pain, and will stay that way until you treat it. Yeast infections cause unbearable itching and burning, and there is vaginal discharge. If your vagina hurts, so will intercourse do.



Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), also called sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) & venereal diseases (VDs), require a trip to the doctor to get rid of. There are several types, and if you have any of them, sex can hurt in fact, you shouldn’t have sex at all when you have an STI.



When u have a condition called vaginismus, you have a tightening of the vagina that makes it difficult or impossible for penetration to occur.

What happens is the vaginal muscles involuntarily tighten, even when u’re not aware it’s happening. u try to have intercourse, it will be painful. Sometimes the PC muscle group tightens so much with vaginismus that it forms a sort of wall, making any sort of penetration impossible. it’s possible for penetration to happen, but the penetration will be painful.

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See your gynaecologist for treatment and proper advice.



Men often brag about penis size — the larger the better. But in truth, a penis can be too large, so large that pain during sex is the outcome. Most vaginas can expand to handle a huge penis. But sometimes, the penis can just feel too big, and this causes pain during sex.

This reason for painful sex can be rectified by a simple position change or a change in your partner’s technique. You can ask your man to slow down, or you can get on top so that u can control what’s happening, so that there will be no more pain during sex.

Knowing your cycle can also help since sex is more likely to be painful around and during your period, when your cervix is lower and harder.


Pain during sex is a sign from your body to change something.

It typically isn’t something to worry about. But if the pain continues, it’s important to speak with your doctor or gynecologist!!

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