BYU Hawaii Tuition, Scholarships, and Cost of Living in 2024

Why not capitalize on the various scholarship schemes and get the best education? The BYU Hawaii Tuition is covered by their scholarship scheme. You have nothing to lose if you become a beneficiary. This is how to apply!

BYU Hawaii Tuition


BYU Hawaii Tuition

Being a private university in Laie, Hawaii, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it was founded in 1955. Church members benefit more by paying lesser fees than non-members.


It offers programs in mathematics, liberal arts, and management with competitive admissions of barely 37% acceptance rate. Students follow the CES Honor Code, covering behavior and academic integrity.

One of the best scholarship and grant schemes that could help an aspirant or student lighten his/her academic financial need is the Brigham Young University-Hawaii (BYU) Hawaii scholarship.

This brilliant and accommodating scheme is available for various programs, courses, and levels, and is offered by many universities and colleges.

Both resident and international students have equal beneficiary opportunities, so interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.


How to Apply

1. Apply for admission to BYU-Hawaii.

2. Complete the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for financial aid consideration.

3. Check and apply for scholarships offered by BYU-Hawaii through their website or financial aid office.


4. Ensure all required documents are submitted by the specified deadlines.

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5. Track your application progress and financial aid status regularly for updates and notifications through your created account.

Remember to follow payment guidelines for paying fees and receiving scholarship funds.

List of Courses

Aspirants might not know where their desired discipline is categorized following the school’s arrangement. This is a way to help you understand the BYU system.

Under the College of Business & Economics

1. Accounting & Finance

2. Business & Management

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

1. Art, Performing Arts & Design

2. History, Philosophy & Theology

3. Languages, Literature & Linguistics

College of Life Sciences

1. Biological Sciences

2. Sport Science

College of Pure & Physical Sciences

1. Chemistry

2. Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences

3. Mathematics & Statistics

4. Physics & Astronomy

School of Social Sciences

1. Communication & Media Studies

2. Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)

3. Sociology

However, the following Colleges have only one program each.

1. The College of Computer Sciences and

2. The College of Education

3. Clinical, pre-clinical & health

4. Psychology

Available Scholarships

Just take your time and go through the listed scholarships and choose which to apply for. Moreover, they all have different clauses, requirements, and durations.

1. Standford University Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program.

2. $4000 Union Plus Scholarship Program.

3. 15 Undergraduate Scholarships.

4. List of Cyprus Scholarships for International Students.

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5. University Merit Scholarship.

6. New University Merit Scholarship.

7. Academic Department Scholarships.

8. Leadership Scholarships.

9. Dependent or Employer-Based Scholarships.

10. External Scholarships.

 Cost of Living Analysis

This is an analyzed budget for students’ estimated bills regarding the cost of living.

1st  Semester 2nd Semesters 3rd   Semesters
Tuition & Fees $2,780 $5,560 $7,408
Non-LDS Tuition & Fees $5,560 $11,120 $14,816
Room and Board $3,293  $6,586 $8,644
Books and Supplies $650 $1,300 $1,950
Personal Expenses $600- $1,730 $1,200- $3,460 $1,800- $5,190
Transportation $135- $1,074 $270- $2,148 $405- $3,222
LDS Total: $7,458- $9,527 $14,916- $19,054  $20,207- $26,414
Non-LDS Total: $10,238- $12,307 $20,476- $24,614 $27,615- $33,822


Off-Campus Budget

1st Semester  2nd Semesters  3rd Semesters
Tuition & Fees $2,780 $5,560 $7,408
Non-LDS Tuition & Fees $5,560  $11,120 $14,816
Room and Board $2,200 $4,400 $6,600- $9,000
Books and Supplies $650 $1,300 $1,950
Personal Expenses $600- $1,730 $1,200- $3,460 $1,800- $5,190
Transportation $135- $1,074 $270- $2,148 $405- $3,222
LDS Total: $6,365- $9,234  $12,595- $18,468  $17,893- $26,770
Non-LDS Total: $9,145- $12,014 $18,155- $24,028 $25,301- $34,178

Application Requirements for New/Transfer Students

1. Submit the Hawaii admission application by the appropriate application deadlines.

2. Students should apply for the semester or term for which they wish to attend. Requests to change at the beginning of a semester are not allowed.

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3. The admission criteria are the same for all entry dates. One semester or term is not easier to get into over another.

4. Applicants intending to serve a mission can view full information about deferring here.

5. Applicants will need to submit a transcript for any concurrent college credit received.

6. Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for a second bachelor’s degree from BYU but can apply for BYU Hawaii graduate scholarship programs.

7. Applicants from transfer who have completed 90 or more graded semester credits are unlikely to be accepted.

If you need clarity on this area click Transfer Evaluation to understand better.

8. International college or university work must be submitted through IERF or WES.

See Evaluating International Work for more information.  BYU will only accept official US-accredited transcripts without an evaluation.

9. Newly transferred students to BYU-Hawaii must enroll full-time in their first semester and full-time enrollment requires at least 14 credits for Fall and Winter semesters, and 9 credits for Spring semester.

10. Transfer students with fewer than 24 graded credits must submit transcripts of college/university and high school work, along with ACT or SAT scores while 24 grades or more need only their transcripts.

Finally, you can use this as a guideline for your application for admission, scholarship, and budget for schooling at BYU.


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