Business Ideas In The Garment Industry For People Without Sewing Skill

Wondering to resign as an employee is a good and brave idea. You can try one of the small business ideas in the garment industry if you like fashion or have a talent for tailoring. However, the garment industry is not only about sewing but also about others such as below.

Small Business Ideas In Garment Industry Though You Cannot Sew

Some people feel hesitant to try this business because they think it needs big capital. But, it is not true as long as you have a brilliant brain and connection.


These small business ideas in the garment industry help you to find the best idea and begin it soon. You can focus on one of them according to your passion and you do not need to worry if you cannot sew.

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Custom Printing

The first small idea is custom printing for T-shirts and it is often done by young men. They like to try this business because the capital is not many and the tool is not complicated. You can receive orders both with and without preparing T-shirts.


Consultancy Service

Consultancy service matches people with teaching passion. You can work as a problem solver to face garment factories, auxiliary business firms, and buyers.


Garment washing Plant

Next, there is a garment washing plant and you can serve people with small clothing exporting. There are various types of garment washing but you need to buy some equipment. You should have a washing machine, hydro extractor, and tumble drier.

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Open A Clothing Store

Running a clothing store business should not be done by women but men also can do it. Women may more understand fashion and trends because they like shopping. Opening fashion stores with affordable prices will attract more customers.



Besides trying the T-shirt printing business, you can try embroidery and it makes products trendier. Embroidery is also inserted in all export orders so that you can run printing and embroidery work together.


Most Profitable Garment Business

The most profitable business in the garment industry is tailoring and it can be done at home. Many people learned and started their tailoring businesses when the pandemic took place. Some of them do it at home until employing other people to help.

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Small business ideas in the garment industry are more than five types above but you can find others outside this page. Doing the garment business should not master sewing because you just need a little bit of brave and capital. Once, the garment business does not always need much capital so try it now!

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