Bright Futures Scholarship Application Process 2023

The Bright futures scholarship is one program anyone having financial difficulty should consider.  To go about the this scholarship, there are certain criteria and process you should follow, certain requirement that is needed and some rules  candidate most adhere to. The good thing is, we’ll be considering all of this in this article.

bright futures scholarship


In order to apply, submit a completed Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA). It should be  during your last year in high school (after December 1 and prior to graduation).

Also, It is on you to know and meet the necessary requirements of the Bright Future Scholarship Program before high school graduation


The Bright futures scholarship Eligibility Requirements

1. Bright Futures Academic Scholarship

2. 3.50 GPA (upon graduation of high school)

3. Community Service Hours: 100 or above

4. Renewal: maintain 3.0 cumulative GPA while enrolled at FSU


5. Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship

6. 3.00 GPA (upon graduation of high school)

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7. ACT score: 25 or above OR SAT score: 1210 or above

8. Community Service Hours: 75 or above

9. You should maintain 2.75 cumulative GPA while registered at FSU

Bright Futures Application Process

1. First step is to go to Florida Student Financial Aid  and find out how to qualify for a Bright Futures Scholarship.

2. Click here to apply. Submit a complete and error-free Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) during your last year of high school.

3. Email your application confirmation or send a screenshot of the confirmation to Mrs. Brooke Maroth in the College + Career Center.

4. Make sure you know your responsibilities. You should apply, ensure you meet the requirements before graduation and all through your college career. (Requirements could change with each Florida Legislative session.)

Important Information Student Should Know Before Applying 

1. Students only apply once  and cannot apply  again  until the opening of the application date during their SENIOR year.

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2. Students should regularly check their “Bright Futures GPA” and eligibility status to know.

3. A student’s “Bright Futures GPA” is not the same than a student’s high school GPA. Bright Future GPA calculations only comprises the 16 core education credit hours.

3. It is important to know if you meet the requirements or if you need to do extra work this year!

4. Don’t wait to apply until ACT and SAT test scores meet requirements! Bright Futures test scores are automatically updated as long as the student opts to report their scores to at least one Florida college when they take the ACT or SAT.

5. You can use your award for up to five years after you graduate high school or leave the military, but, you must apply before graduation!

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Bright Futures Award Amounts For 2023

Below are the amount to be awarded to people who to qualify for the bright future scholarship:

Credit Hours Medallion Award Academic Award 
6 $950.52 $1,267.38
7 $950.52 $1,267.38
8 $1,267.36 $1,689.84
9 $1,425.78 $1,901.07
10 $1,584.20 $2,112.30
11 $1,742.62 $2,323.53
12 $1,901.04 $2,534.76 
13 $2,059.46 $2,745.99
14 $2,217.88 $2,957.22

Newly Enrolled Students

If you are a recently registered student at UWF, ensure to update your Florida Financial Aid Application with the UWF school code.

Make sure your application have the UWF school code in order for the scholarship funds to be paid to you at UWF.

Also, ensure that your Social Security Number on file with OSFA is the same with your Social Security Number that UWF has on file.

Contact OSFA for assistance with updating your school code or Social Security Number, if needed.


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