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Bowdoin College Reviews



The Bowdoin College Reviews and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.


Applications for Bowdoin College Reviews are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for Bowdoin College Reviews

Here are some brief descriptions of the top Bowdoin College Reviews.

About Bowdoin College

Bowdoin College was founded in 1794. Since its inception, Bowdoin has undergone a lot of changes aimed at improving the lives of students through exposure to the rigors of intellectual life.

Bowdoin’s learning community has a unique set of values that enhances individual growth and development. Moreso, the college is also focused on developing and adopting an Inclusive Excellence model where the emphasis is placed on both quality and diversity. This principle focuses on:

  • Student intellectual and social development
  • Purposeful development and utilization of organizational resources to enhance learning
  • Attention to the cultural differences of learners
  • And a welcoming community that unifies diversity in the service of student and organizational learning.

Why Should I Study At Bowdoin College?

At Bowdoin College, the mission is to engage students of uncommon promise in an intense full-time education of their minds, exploration of their creative faculties, and development of their social and leadership abilities in the course of their study.

As an epicenter of learning, Bowdoin inspires students to love the habit of learning. This is achieved through exposure to general education in liberal arts, emphasis on concentrated engagement in academic majors, and mastery of essential skills like writing and oral skills.

The college is dedicated to constructing and preserving buildings and campus spaces of the highest utility to enable students to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the school. This goes on to increase a student’s intellectual and aesthetic life goes on to nurture the sensibilities of students who grow into world leaders.

Located in Maine, Bowdoin College taps much glory from the natural beauty of Maine. This affords students the opportunity to savor the beauty of the scenery, and examine issues bordering ecological preservation.

Summarily, Bowdoin’s learning community has a distinctive set of values and qualities that support individual growth and development.

Is Bowdoin College A Good School?

Bowdoin seeks students who are brilliant, active, and curious both within and outside the classroom, as well as eager to take intellectual risks.

Bowdoin is also a diverse community with a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences. We look for students who accept multiple points of view, perspectives, and backgrounds, as well as the challenges that come with such diversity, in each entering class.

At Bowdoin, the students are closely engaged in rigorous classwork and research with faculty.

Bowdoin has an 8:1 student to faculty ratio and 71% classes with fewer than 20 students. This makes it easier for students to bond and learn better.

What is Bowdoin College Known for?

Bowdoin College is a private liberal arts college in the United States, located in the state of Maine. Bowdoin is widely regarded as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country, and it has a history of high rankings. It was founded in 1794, with only eight students in the first class, which began in 1802.

According to the school’s official website, “Bowdoin is a college and an idea”. As an institution of learning Bowdoin gives young students access to the best education on earth.

Furthermore, Bowdoin college is known for its selective and rigorous admission process that is aimed at admitting the best crop of students from every part of the world. They admit students with remarkable academic records who are willing to push further in the quest for knowledge.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Bowdoin College? Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate

Getting into Bowdoin College is not an easy endeavor. As a matter of fact, Bowdoin admissions is extremely selective. With a 9% acceptance rate, the competition to get into Bowdoin is high. Students that eventually get into Bowdoin have an average SAT score between 1360-1510 or an average ACT score of 31-33.

Bowdoin accepts students with a wide range of abilities, as well as different socioeconomic, geographic, and racial origins and excellent mental and character characteristics. These abilities, which they have developed in collaboration with one another, will allow them to become leaders in a variety of disciplines. Lastly, it seeks out academics with strong intellectual abilities and scholarly accomplishments who are passionate about educating undergraduates as well as themselves as lifelong creators and seekers of knowledge.

Programs Offered At Bowdoin College

Bowdoin education prepares you for a meaningful and impactful life through a good number of programs that can be accessed by clicking HERE.

If you choose to bring your curious A-game to the foray, Bowdoin’s faculty mentors and advisors are there to help you plan and improve on whatever you are passionate about.

Everyone who applies to Bowdoin is evaluated individually by admission officers based on the following parameters:

  • Academic (grade) success
  • Level of course challenge
  • Counselor and teacher recommendations
  • Writing samples
  • Overall academic potential
  • School and community involvement
  • Character and personality

What Are The Admission Requirements Needed To study At Bowdoin College

With 520 prospective first-year students in 2025, Bowdoin college acceptance rate is highly selective. As such, the school’s admission requirements are one to keep.

Bowdoin accepts applications from different types of applicants regardless of the source.

For Early Decision applicants

Early Decision (ED) applicants to Bowdoin may apply under one of two programs:

  • For Early Decision I (application deadline: November 15)
  • Early Decision II (application deadline: January 5)

The only distinction between EDI and EDII is the deadline. The same selection criteria are used for both programs, both are binding, and both expect that an applicant will enroll if admitted.

Early Decision Agreement

Candidates for either ED program agree that they will enroll at Bowdoin if admitted. Early Decision candidates may file Regular Decision applications at other colleges, but only with the understanding that, if they are admitted to Bowdoin under Early Decision, any other applications will be withdrawn and no new applications will be initiated.

For international applicants

Bowdoin welcomes students from all over the world. For international students, the application process is the same for domestic first-year applicants.

Here’s an outline of the admission requirements for international students at Bowdoin:

  • Students from non-English speaking countries must submit official results from either TOEFL, IELTS, DET or CEA. Applicants must score a minimum of 100 on the TOEFL, 7 on the IELTS, a minimum of 120 on the DET or CI Advanced on teh CEA.
  • BC will waive the TOEFL, IELTS, DET or CEA requirement for applicants who have been taught exclusively in English for four years of high school or secondary school.
  • They do not waive the TOEFL, IELTS, DET or CEA requirement based on a SAT Critical Reading score, SAT Subject Test result, or AP Exam result.
  • Bowdoin accepts a TOEFL score up to two years after the expiration date.
  • Applicants must submit an official transcript of academic work in the language in which it was prepared and a certified translation into English of the transcript.
  • Students from countries with national university entrance exams (such as WASSCE, EGSE, KCSE, CAPE, IGCSE, ISC, SLC) are required to submit official results. Applicants in an A-Level curriculum must submit O-Level/IGCSE results and predicted A-Level results. Students in an IB curriculum are expected to submit predicted IB exam results.
  • Bowdoin anticipates that international students will apply for the F-1 student visa.

For transfer applicants

Transfer admission into Bowdoin is extremely competitive as only a small percentage is accepted. Bowdoin College receives between 150-200 transfer applications and admits 20 candidates.

To stand a chance, ensure you submit a college work of honors quality or a GPA not lower than 3.0.

Required application documents

  • College report
  • College transcript
  • Final high school transcript
  • Letter of recommendation
  • English proficiency test scores

Click here for more information on how to apply for admission at Bowdoin College

How Much Does It Cost To Study At Bowdoin College? Bowdoin College Tuition

The cost to study at Bowdoin College goes beyond tuition. However, the tuition fee to study at Bowdoin College for 2023/2024 is $57,776.

Bowdoin College waives the $65 application fee for any student applying for financial aid or who will be the first in their family to attend college.

Are There Financial Aid Available To Study At Bowdoin College?

The financial situation of a family is not a determining factor in admission to Bowdoin. They go to great lengths to guarantee that nothing stands in the way of becoming a successful college student, beginning with need-blind admissions.

The institution uses information from the CSS profile to each student to determine a student’s eligibility for financial aid.

There are three basic types of financial aid:

  • Grants and scholarships – These forms of assistance are granted to students in the form of gifts and do not need to be refunded.
  • Work-study – A student can choose to earn through on-campus employment.
  • Loans – These funds are borrowed and must be repaid.

All financial aid at Bowdoin is distributed based on need. Bowdoin does not provide merit aid.

Where Is Bowdoin College Located?

Bowdoin College is located at 255 Maine Street Brunick, Maine 00411. The university is located in an intentionally small surrounding that keeps students inspired, challenged, safe and welcome. You can contact the school via (207) 725-3000.

Bowdoin College Rankings

In the 2023 edition of the U.S. News & World Report rankings, Bowdoin was ranked tied for 6th best overall among liberal arts colleges in the United States, tied at 11th for “Best Undergraduate Teaching”, 12th in “Best Value Schools”, and tied at 29th for “Most Innovative”.

Forbes in 2023, ranked Bowdoin College as the 26th overall among 650 universities, liberal arts colleges, and service academies, and 6th among private liberal arts colleges.

According to Niche in 2017, Bowdoin College was ranked first among small colleges in the U.S based on students’ SAT scores.

FAQs On Bowdoin College

Should I apply as a first-year or a transfer student at Bowdoin College?

First-year students are students who have never matriculated at another college or university; that is, they have not enrolled in a degree-granting program. Any student who has done so must apply as a transfer student. All applicants, irrespective of status should submit the common application

Is financial aid available to transfer students?

Financial aid is rarely available to transfer students as emphasis and commitment are placed on incoming first-year students.

Will applying for aid impact my chances for admission into Bowdoin?

No. Their admission process is need-blind, which means that admissions do not consider family finances in their selection criteria.

Does Bowdoin use a waiting list?

Yes, Bowdoin offers waiting list positions to a select group of applicants each year.


At the end of the academic experience in Bowdoin College, their graduates gain knowledge and skills that are grounded in context—which makes them valuable leaders in every field from engineering to education, from finance to medicine.


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