Bolivar Technical College Scholarship, Admission, Tuition, and Cost of Living 2023

Bolivar Technical College Scholarship, Admission, Tuition, and Cost of Living

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, the Bolivar Technical College Scholarship, Admission, Tuition, and Cost of Living is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.


The Bolivar Technical College Scholarship, Admission, Tuition, and Cost of Living and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for Bolivar Technical College Scholarship, Admission, Tuition, and Cost of Living are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.



How to Apply for Bolivar Technical College Scholarship, Admission, Tuition, and Cost of Living

Here are some brief descriptions of the top Bolivar Technical College Scholarship, Admission, Tuition, and Cost of Living.

About the Bolivar Technical College

In 2005, Charlotte Gray, founder of TCTC and BTC, decided to expand her region in Bolivar to support the shortage of nurses and nursing education for hospitals, predominantly in the Citizens Memorial Hospital.

The hospital has been an extreme supporter of the college over the past 10years.
BTC was able to hold its first class on September 19, 2005, which was in a 10,000-square-foot building on Broadway Street and only offered a few programs at the time, basically in nursing.


As Admitting numbers began to grow and as the community’s wants changed, BTC continued to evolve and eventually popped beyond its facilities.
Merging with CMH to expand its resources, the twin organizations were able to build a joint campus with the college and CMH education department operating at the same location.

It was in January 2016, Bolivar Technical College routed into the new 28,000-square-foot campus at 1135 N. Oakland Ave., which was near the hospital.
“We cannot be happier in a new region, and we are happy to have access to new objects for the community,” says Gray. – We can implement new programs to meet changing needs. Includes health education.

Bolivar Technical College training tools include the latest advanced simulation laboratories that enhance students’ ability to practice their skills in actual work environments. By simulating the real experience, teachers can control the students’ skills on the script in a completely different space.

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Instructors can program simulated dolls to show symptoms similar to those experienced by the patient. This allows students to assess their skills at a deeper level and receive the necessary training before joining the workforce.

A number of medical institutions were held in BTC, including medical, surgical, obstetric, various clinics, cancer centers, injuries, nursing homes for general education schools, long-term care facilities, emergency departments, and intensive care rooms.

The new College of Sciences has expanded its curriculum with more direct action. Students who participate in this course will now be sent to classes, direct instructions, operations, and assessment. In the past, students used different teaching methods to help them learn, but it didn’t work,” said Bill Gray, vice president of DVM. It helps students put on gloves and put them on a realm where things start to push.

The new space will eventually allow Bolivar to offer additional programs to meet the needs of local entrepreneurs. We look forward to Bolivar leading us into the future, Gray said. In the new Bolivar college room, this step allows new students to register with the new RN program on campus every fall semester. Previously, the RN program was run only once every two years, and the record was limited.

For more information about BTC, please call 777-5062 or visit the campus at 1135 N… Oakland Ave… in Bolivar…

Bolivar Technical College Admissions

Boliver Technical college offers a wide range of courses in the field of medics and other related disciplines. Some of these programs offered in this institution is as follow:

  • CNA
  • CMT

There are some processes to follow if one wants to be admitted, and join this big family of highfliers.
There are processes to follow for one to get admitted.


The first step in applying for one of the programs is to submit a contact form. As soon as you submit the form, the responsible unit will contact you the next day. Fill out the form below and click “Submit.”


As the next step, you will meet the admission staff. Some of the freshmen are tense or unsure of the application process, but the right people are here to see you through the application process and help you with all the steps here. You can arrange a meeting to see all the questions and fill in the candidacy form on the right platform. If you have any questions about how to pay tuition, visit the financial assistance page and fill out the FAFSA.
When you meet the right responsible people you’ll discuss the official application and exactly what to do next.
You’ll also discuss how to receive financial aid to help pay for school, and any questions you may have.

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Candidates must pass the entrance test and get into the BTC program. Candidates may have an admission meeting at any time, but a trial meeting is required. To set up the meeting, call 417-777-5062.


Depending on the program chosen at Bolivar college, additional applications for approval will be required. At the welcome meeting, we’ll review the details of this checklist item, the date, and the method of dispatch. Probably, there may be more questions. Please contact the Q&A page for answers.

To start the admission process following this link.

Bolivar Technical College Scholarship and Finacial Aids

Before we begin, let’s explain some things. Every time you see the term financial aid it means all the money paid to a college that did not go out of your pocket at that time.

There are many types of grants – some must be returned and others should not be returned. Additional information on special grants, scholarships, loans, and job search options can be found on the grant options page through this link

How to Apply for Bolivar Technical College Scholarship

AT Bolivar Technical College

The goal of Bolivar college is to reduce financial pressure without a lot of documents and answers. They want to introduce you to the aids available to finance your education. You can easily manage the process and answer questions.

It also includes additional scholarships or grants that could benefit you.
To apply for the Bolivar Technical College scholarship, there are definitely some steps to follow:

  • All students applying for the Bolivar Technical College scholarship must complete the FAFSA. Please visit the FAFSA website to complete the form
  • If you need help filling out the form, a team is available to aid you. If you are creating FAFSA, you will need to enter school code 042557 to determine what financial support you can get.
  • FAFSA information must be received within 6-7 business days. The FSA ID is required for all future financial support events. This is the 4-digit code you receive when you complete the FAFSA online.
  • You are allowed to complete the FAFSA at any time. However, if you file an application before February 1, you will be able to apply for National Priority Funding. There will be a second round with a deadline of April 1 (if funds are still available).
  • After you complete the FAFSA, please make an appointment to visit with the financial aid staff for the next steps. They will go over which financial aid options are available, eligibility criteria, and how to move from there.
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Apply Here


The students who use Financial Aid—–98%
The students also work—–95%


the hourly wage for 2017 RN grads—–$22


the hourly wage for 2016 LPN grads——$15

Bolivar Technical College Tuition and Cost of Living

The Bolivar Technical College Tuition and cost of living is as follows;

  • Nursing core tuition (per credit hour) $435.00
  • General education tuition (per credit hour) $245.00
  • Books (Vary by course) Supplies: $ 550.00 (estimate)
  • Name badge (1) (available only thru BTC)
  • RN Nursing Supply Tote bag School patch (3) (available only thru BTC)
  • Medication Administration Kit Stethoscope IV Therapy Tote Hemostats Uniform (2 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 jacket)
  • Simulation & skills center fee (per semester) $200.00
  • Science lab fee (per gen ed. science class, per semester) $100.00
  • Technology fee (per semester) $195.00
  • Student fee (per semester) $8.00
  • Achievement & diagnostic testing (per semester) $578.00
  • Online Access Fee (1st semester only) $230.00
  • Drug screening fee (1st semester only) $40.00
  • Clinical fee (per semester) $1875.00
  • MSBN/NCLEX/Fingerprinting fee (3rd semester only) $300.00
  • Graduation fee (4th semester only) $150.00
  • Student professional liability insurance (1st semester only) $50.00
  • Books (vary by course)

An approved watch with a second hand and solid white shoes need to be approved by the nursing faculty. These approved items are required, but the fees are not collected by the college; the responsible students must purchase them on their own. Supplies purchased on their own must be inspected, checked, and approved by the program director. (resale items such as books and supplies are just subject to sales tax.


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