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Bitter Truth

Since sex has become too easy to get between man and woman these days, marriage is now taking too long and most times not considered an important issue.


Most men only focus on endowment and beauty while most women only focus on what the man can offer instantly.


Men are growing old and women are growing old. We are always looking for Mr. 100% or Miss 100% which can never be possible. Is it not better you calm down and look at what the person has upstairs, his or her dreams, his or her zeal for a positive future, his or her anger level and his or her level of self control when it comes to sexual urge?

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Because we want to sleep with every man or every woman that comes our way we end up losing focus and direction. Most men and women have dated their husbands/wives in the past without marrying them because of one thing or the other.


Wake up! Shine your eyes! Look at the brain and reasoning and not his money he has now or her endowment. A poor man with zeal, dreams, aspirations and hard-working prowess has 95% chance of making it big afterwards. A woman who has a strong hustling nature has 95% chance of making it big if empowered or if she is working with her hands.

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Financial stability is important even though it is not always readily complete in all homes. You and your spouse can build a formidable future together if you both have common sense and survival instincts inherent in your hearts.


It can only get better and better if you believe.

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