Biggest Mining Companies In The World

Do you plan to work as a miner or work in a larger mining company? Think about the biggest mining companies in the world below with high recommendations. This page also wants to share the mining country in the world to know.


Biggest Mining Companies In The World

There are five biggest mining companies in the world with a good reputation and you can try to join.


Jiangxi Copper

The first biggest mining company comes from China with $37bn in revenue and $170m in profits. It is reported in the year 2019-2020 and becomes the five-largest mining company in the world.

The mining is established in 1979 and headquartered in Guixi, China. Besides excavating copper, it produces other minerals like gold, silver, and lead.

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Vale becomes the fourth-largest company in the world of mining and was founded in 1942. The company is based in Rio De Janerio, Brazil has operations across 30 countries. Iron, nickel, and ore are the largest products of Vale.


Rio Tinto

Next, Rio Tinto comes as the third-largest mining company in the world from the UK. Rio Tinto is headquartered in London, UK, and was established in 1873. It produces uranium, gold, diamond, copper, ore, and iron.


In addition, Rio Tinto has an almost 50,000-strong workforce to manage 60 operations and projects. They have spread across 35 countries thoroughly the world.

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The second-largest mining company in the world is BHP with $45.1bn in revenue and $8.3bn in profits (2019-2020 fiscal year). BHP is established in 1885 and produces iron ore, metallurgical coal, and copper.



Glencore becomes the first-largest mining company in the world coming from Baar, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1974 and employs 135,000 people for operations in 150 locations in the world. Glencore produces oil and it brought in $215bn from late 2019 until early 2020.


4 Mining Countries In 2019 

In 2019, Australia, Myanmar, the US, and China become 4 mining countries in the world accounting for 32% of global production. Australia produced 21,000 tons of mines, Myanmar produced 22,000 tons, and the US produced 26,000 tons. Meanwhile, China contributed 63% of the world’s supply by producing 132,000 tons of REEs.

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The biggest mining company in the world is more than five but this page just mentions the top with good profits. Alongside that, there are four counties with the biggest mining production and with a big contribution to the world.

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