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Between Dele Adeleke and Demola Adeleke

To start with isn’t it beautiful that a race which hitherto had been zeroed to one candidate is now been contested by 6 candidates as at this moment which includes a family member of the hitherto anointed candidate? If anyone wants to know the definition of Democracy that person should be pointed in the direction of Osun PDP for all answers. To be sincere this is beautiful to watch and we all can’t but pray for the best to emerge and deliver electoral victory to Osun PDP come July 2022.

At this point one can’t but thank Hon. Olasoji Adagunodo for holding on dearly to the tenets of democracy, despite being at the risk of losing it all he held on steadfastly to the tenets of democracy and did not give up on deepening democracy in our dear state and the results are manifesting for all to see.

Without a doubt the race to watch out for is that between the duo of Mr Dele Adeleke and Senator Ademola Adeleke who both hail from the same family compound and share same blood. While many supporters of Senator Demola Adeleke have taken to the streets to call Mr Dele Adeleke many unprintable names like bastard, betrayal, traitor and all since the purchase of his nomination form, I personally feel its totally uncalled for and Mr Dele Adeleke should rather be applauded for taking it up upon himself to renew the already battered image of the family politically.

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I’ve received tons of calls since Mr Dele Adeleke’s ambition was made public from different circles but of particular interest to me is the numerous calls from the youths in the state. It was quite surprising hearing social media influencers and trendsetters who had hitherto vowed not to have anything to do with PDP in the coming election if we’re hellbent on producing ‘Adeleke’ calling to declare support and seeking gigs to work for ‘Adeleke’. The only thing that made a difference to them is that the Adeleke they want nothing to do with and the Adeleke they’re ready to go all out for have different first names, Demola & Dele. Everybody except for few mischief makers knows very clearly that the best foot the Adeleke dynasty can put forward is Dele’s foot, not only has he been the brain behind Demola’s ambition and strategy, he has also gone ahead to prove himself capable of managing affairs on his own and put in excellent performance everywhere he has been put to test since 2022, from Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Edo and many other places. Mr Dele Adeleke is no doubt a far contrast to Sen. Demola Adeleke, everything Dele stands for Demola is the complete opposite. While Mr Dele Adeleke was busy building his political profile since 2022, Sen Demola Adeleke was nowhere to be found with only reports of him studying to get a degree in under 2 years being the only thing being heard of him and his supporters running haywire attacking every living and non living thing that did not support his ambition. Suffice to say, Sen. Demola’s ambition has suffered major hits mostly from the hands of his overzealous supporters who have created more enemies than friends for him thereby making him a polarizing factor in the state rather than the unifying factor which he ought to be.

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Without digging too deep its clear who has a better chance of delivering the 2022 election not just to Osun PDP but to Aisu, we however hope for the sake of the family that they allow common sense prevail in their decisions going forward lest they lose it all.

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