Best Scholarships in 2023

Many are available for you if you’re after some exciting scholarships this year. Indeed, you can now pursue funding without undergoing hassles or stress. Some of the best scholarships in 2023 are readily available for students like you.

Best Scholarships

In this post, you’ll learn about the best scholarships in 2023, their description, benefits, requirements, and application procedure. It will give you insights into the scholarship grants that are just right for you this year. Hence, you don’t want to miss any detail, so stick with this post to the end.

Here are some of the best scholarships in the year 2023:

  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships of the European Commission
  • University of Ottawa 2023 Scholarships for African Students
  • Newcastle University 2023 Sanctuary Scholarships

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships of the European Commission

The European Commission is one of the bodies that try to maintain unity and balance across the world. Also, the goals of this body include:

  • Forming the European Union partnership policies
  • Eliminating poverty with sustainable development
  • Ensuring democracy, the rule of law, and practice of human rights

Furthermore, one of the ways the commission achieves its goal is through the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. It supports international students and citizens of the EU who wish to study for their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.


Erasmus Mundus offers numerous benefits. Therefore, you should consider going for one. Here are some of the benefits of the scholarship:

  • About 1,100 to 1,200 euros per month as a monthly allowance.
  • Free tuition fee offer
  • Allowance for traveling from one country to another with other airfare costs.
  • A job visa after candidates complete the Master’s or Ph.D. program gives them the ability to work in Europe.
  • Other schooling costs and study materials.
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Furthermore, there are no restrictions on returning to the candidate’s country after studying. Also, the scholarship amount may vary with the level of study and duration of the study. Again, the candidate’s nationality may also affect the funding amount.


The requirements for the scholarship are dynamic and differ with each session. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Program chooses how its admission process and selection guide will be. Hence, interested persons should reach out to the Consortium offering the scholarship for more information. 

However, every candidate must have an average of at least 6,5 bands in IELTS. This requirement is constant in every one of its programs. Also, the program doesn’t require GRE.

Application Process

To apply, candidates should reach out to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Program they prefer. To do this, they can consult them on their respective website. Here, they will get information on the structure, benefits, application, and selection of the scholarships.

Finally, all candidates should ensure they make their move before the deadline. The date is usually between the end of the year and the start of the new year.

University of Ottawa 2023 Scholarships for African Students

The University of Ottawa is the perfect option for an undergraduate course in Canada. The university is the largest bilingual (English-French) university globally, boasting of its diversity. 

Now, this institution is providing international students from Africa funding to pursue their programs. It contributes to their tuition fees and an appreciation of their academic excellence.

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The scholarship is not full tuition. Hence, it partly covers the cost of the student’s schooling. The monetary value ranges between $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the program.


Here are some of the requirements of the scholarship:

  • It is open to international students who have citizenship in one of the African countries. Also, the candidate must have a valid study permit.
  • The candidate must have just received admission to an undergraduate program that the school teaches in English or French Immersion.
  • Eligible programs are courses under Engineering, Sciences, and Social Sciences. However, not all programs under these departments are eligible. 
  • Candidates must have enrolled full-time.
  • The academic requirements should have an admission average of 89.99% or less using the school’s grading scale.

Application Process

Firstly, candidates should know that applicants to the school that are eligible will receive it upon enrollment. Hence, interested persons should not apply separately for it. The school will automatically apply the scholarship to the candidate’s tuition fees.

Secondly, although it doesn’t require a separate application, the awardees must submit proof of their citizenship. The school will confirm their identities with this measure before offering them the first installments. Furthermore, this award has no bias measures, and all eligible candidates receive equal consideration and notification during admission. 

Finally, students can now apply through the link here. They will need to submit their documents and results for the selection process. Afterward, they can wait for notifications and follow the due procedures.

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Newcastle University 2023 Sanctuary Scholarships

Newcastle University is one of the oldest institutions in England and one of the best institutions for study. Here’s the good news to all students – Newcastle University has the funding to suit your academic needs. Hence, if you’ve ever dreamt of attending the university, aim for the Sanctuary Scholarships today.

The Sanctuary Scholarships is one of the university’s vantage points and a pride to the school. It aims at supporting students who have refugee backgrounds and those who seek asylum with higher education. It is a full scholarship that covers tuition and other expenses.


The scholarship covers the entire tuition. Moreover, it comes with a bursary that covers living expenses.


Some of the requirements for the scholarship include:

  • People who are seeking asylum or those with refugee status are eligible. Also, those who have Humanitarian Protection will receive consideration.
  • The applicant must be a resident of the North East of England during application.
  • Applicants must have applied for a program at Newcastle University. Also, those applying for their first degree will receive more consideration.
  • All applicants must meet the educational qualifications for the scholarship. They may visit the scholarship site for more information on knowing if their grades are eligible. Also, they must meet the English Language requirements.
  • The applicants must demonstrate their financial needs.

Application Process

Application is made online through the scholarship site. Firstly, all candidates must read the Sanctuary Scholarship Application Guidance Notes before applying. 


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