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Best Paraphrasing Tools For Students To Improve Your Paraphrasing Skills

Paraphrasing tools are efficient and outstanding AI assistants. They help rewrite content quickly and efficiently. Now, since 64% of students admitted that they plagiarized text with or without their knowledge, such paraphrasing tools are an essential element in avoiding plagiarism.

Best Paraphrasing Tools For Students To Improve Your Paraphrasing Skills

However, finding a paraphrasing tool that doesn’t only rewrite text efficiently but also improves the quality while avoiding plagiarism is critical. So, to help you pick such a tool, let’s discuss a few key things first and then show you our best picks.

Defining A Paraphrasing Tool

A paraphrasing tool is an AI-based program that allows users to rewrite content efficiently. Since paraphrasing is a technique used to rewrite the text, a paraphrasing tool recreates a new sentence or paragraph that closely matches the meaning of the original.

Moreover, in order to paraphrase well, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the text and not just reword it. That’s when the AI of such a paraphrasing tool kicks in and rewrites content to ensure that you are not plagiarizing anything.

Paraphrasing tools can help you with this mainly by providing examples of sentences and paragraphs that have been paraphrased successfully in the past.

Now, we know that paraphrasing tools are helpful in rewriting texts if you want to reuse them and avoid plagiarism. They are mainly used by students when they need to write essays but can be helpful for anyone who wants to rewrite their texts without risking plagiarizing someone else’s work.

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Why Use A Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool can help you to write quickly and efficiently. It is a great way to avoid plagiarism and improve the tone of your content. Paraphrasing tools are a great way to rewrite content quickly, rewrite efficiently, and avoid plagiarism. They can also help you improve the tone of your content.

Paraphrasing tools are great to use when you need to quickly rewrite content without having to rewrite it from scratch. It is a great way to avoid plagiarism and improve the tone of your content. You can use paraphrasing tools for many different purposes, such as:

  • Rewriting an article that you have written before but are not satisfied with the tone or styles
  • Rewriting an article in a different language so that it can be understood by more people
  • Generating ideas for essays or articles by rewording sentences from other articles.

These reasons are enough for a student to use paraphrasing tools and make it a habit and regular assistant to their writing. These factors can ensure top-quality content without the hassle.

How Can Paraphrasing Tools Improve Rephrasing Skills?

Before we talk about our top picks, let’s understand how paraphrasing tools can help elevate rephrasing skills. Here are three main ways:

·         Tell You How To Remove Plagiarism

A competent paraphrasing tool will help you remove plagiarism. In the process, it helps you understand just how you need to rephrase your text to avoid duplicity.

·         Show You How To Change Content Tone

A lot of good paraphrasing tools offer content tone-changing options. This allows you to rewrite content while understanding the right way to shift from one content voice to another.

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·         Demonstrate How To Repurpose Text

Reusing or repurposing your text to improve its quality is common in all sorts of writing. Therefore, a good paraphrasing tool teaches you how you can repurpose your text.

The 5 Best Paraphrasing Tools For Students In 2022

To pick the right tool for you, you need to find something that offers at least these three factors:

  • 500-1000 word count
  • Content tone options
  • Quick and quality rephrasing

Bearing these in mind, here are the five best paraphrasing tools for students in 2022:

1.    Paraphraser

Paraphraser.IO is a game-leader in paraphrasing today. It’s not only an ideal tool for students; it’s one of the best that they can use. This tool is more than ideal for most students, offering four content tones in premium and two in the free version.

On top of that, you get a 500-word limit of up to 17 supported languages. These factors make it ideal for students from all around the globe, as the AI enthused in this tool doesn’t leave any stones unturned. This makes it our number one pick for students in 2022.


2.    Editpad

Editpad is one of the complete packages for students. Therefore, their paraphrasing tool is something you get with the rest of their tools. This free-for-use paraphraser offers you three main content tone options, and each one can help you rewrite content efficiently.

Moreover, the tool offers a 1000-word limit, which is more than enough for most students today. If not, you can simply reuse the tool, as there are no limits on how many times you can use it a day.

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3.    Neural Writer’s

Neural Writer’s Paraphrasing tool will help you rewrite content in many languages, which is apparent in the tool’s top bar. However, you should be most excited about the eye-catching 10,000 characters or 2000 words.

It’s not only ideal for students, but many professional writers also use it. However, multiple languages and an extensive word limit allow students to use it as often as they like.

4.    Rephrase is perhaps one of the most complete tools on this list. Offering three content tones and a thousand-word limit makes it one of the best tools available today.

Besides that, the paraphrasing quality is also outstanding, as you can practically rewrite any content with it.

5.    Rewriter Tools

This paraphrasing tool is perhaps the most straightforward tool in this list. While it shows show you the process of rewriting, it has no content tone-changing options.

Regardless of that, the tool features are more than enough to rewrite content efficiently. Therefore, it’s ideal for plagiarism-removal, rephrasing text, etc.


These five tools are the best at paraphrasing content. Not only will they help you rewrite your text efficiently, but they’ll also help you remove plagiarism, repurpose your text, shift content tone, etc. So, pick the one that suits your needs and paraphrase away.


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