Benue State Polytechnic School Fees 2024/2025

Benue State Polytechnic School Fees 2024/2025 for all new and old students.

Are you have been wondering or asking how much the Benue State Polytechnic Fees Cost? If yes be happy because this page will give you the breakdown of the School Fees.


The Benue State Polytechnic School Fees are based on the programmes you undertake.

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Benue State Polytechnic School Fees For Freshers 2023/2024

Acceptance Fees

Benue State Polytechnic Acceptance fee is a fee that you must pay to any university or Polytechnic as a first-year student/fresher denoting that you have accepted the course and in general the admission that has been offered to you by the school.

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Benue State Polytechnic School Fees For Freshers 2023/2024 | Other Charges

The followings are the charges all students of Benue State Polytechnic need to pay for freshers or first-year that students.


All students of Benue State Polytechnic are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.

Benue State Polytechnic Tuition Fee for Fresh and Returning Students 2023/2024 Session

S/N Item Sub-head Status Amount (₦)
1 Application for Admission Admission Form – Code 01 5000
2 Admission Letter Acceptance Fee – Code 02 3000
3 DIP 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing, P/Supply School Fee – Code 1A Indigene 53000
School Fee – Code 1B Non-Indigene 68500
4 ND 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing School Fee – Code 2A Indigene 53000
School Fee – Code 2B Non-Indigene 68500
5 HND 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing, Statistics School Fee – Code 3A Indigene 54500
School Fee – Code 3B Non-Indigene 71500
6 Pre-ND, Rem Sc School Fee – Code 4A Indigene 56000
School Fee – Code 4B Non-Indigene 74000
7 ADPA, ASOC, CBF, CCD, CLS, CPM, CPAA, CPA School Fee – Code 5A Indigene 61300
School Fee – Code 5B Non-Indigene 84250
8 DIP 1 B/F, Comm Dev, Law, Lib Sc, LGS, Mass Com, DPM, DPAA, DPA, HDLGS School Fee – Code 6A Indigene 61300
School Fee – Code 6B Non-Indigene 84250
9 DIP 1 Architecture, Engineering, Building, Ceramics, EHT, Estate, URP, Food Sc, Geology, Graphics, HM, OTM, Painting, Sculpture, Survey, Textile School Fee – Code 7A Indigene 62000
School Fee – Code 7B Non-Indigene 86500
10 ND 1 Art, Building, Engineering, Estate, URP, HM, OTM, SLT, Statistics, Survey School Fee – Code 8A Indigene 62000
School Fee – Code 8B Non-Indigene 86500
11 ACLS, BTC, CAD, CFD, CHM, HCHM, ICLS, TC 1 School Fee – Code 9A Indigene 61300
School Fee – Code 9B Non-Indigene 84250

Hope this was informative enough? if you have any question as regards BENPOLY tuition fee for fresh students ND and HND for 2023/2024 academic session, kindly scroll down to the comment section below, post your questions and we shall respond in no time.

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The above school fees are for the 2023/2024 academic session, however, newly admitted students are to clarify from the school’s bursary department as regards the school fees stated here before going ahead to make payments.


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