Apply For Statistics And Data Science Specialist At Hawk-Research

Statistics and Data Science Specialist vacancy at Hawk-Research



Remote worker location: Worldwide



Experience: 1+ years


Hawk Research is a freelance educational company. We are one of the most popular companies in the field of knowledge exchange. It offers educational services in various spheres and subjects to customers around the world since 2015.


Hawk-Research Company is looking for Statistics expert to provide assistance on our projects in academic research sphere. We are building a knowledge sharing platform to help people during their studies, so they can improve their level in mentioned disciplines.

Compensation varies between $25 and up to $120 USD per hour and task (depending on the complexity of the project)

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Job Responsibilities

Fulfilling various small projects related to Statistics, Data Science and Computer Science

Requirements / Qualifications (one of the mentioned or few):


Statistics Knowledge

Data Science

Computer Science/Computational Mathematics

English language

Benefits/What We offer


Flexible schedule

Fully remote job

Ability to combine this job with your main job or other projects



How to apply


Just write directly to our HR manager via with your attached CV and reference Hidden guru


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