Angie Motshekga Biography, Age, Husband, Salary & Contact

Angie Motshekga Biography, Age, Husband, Salary & Contact

This article will give you the breakdown of Angie Motshekga Net Worth.

Angie Motshekga

If you Google the current Angie Motshekga Net Worth according to Forbes, you would be presented with a host of results that might confuse you. But within those results, there are some recurring results you would find in the list.

Angie Motshekga according to Forbes has over time built a strong fan base which has given them that much-needed publicity not just in the country but globally and they are highly respected in the South African music industry. Their popularity has seen them win series of awards and sign endorsement deals on daily basis.

Angie Motshekga Biography, Age, Husband, Salary & Contact

Angie Motshekga Age

She was born on the 19th of June 1955 in Soweto, South Africa.  As of 2021, she is 64 years old.

Angie Motshekga Husband

She is currently married to Mathole Motshekga. Angie has a child named Makgatho Mmathari Motshekga.

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Angie Motshekga Salary

It is believed that she sits pretty on an R2.3-million-a-year salary

Teaching Career

  • 1985 – 1994: Lecturer at University of the Witwatersrand
  • 1983 – 1985: Lecturer at Soweto College of Education
  • 1981 – 1983: Teacher at Orlando High School.

Political Career

  • May 2014 – Present: Minister of Basic Education.
  • 2007 – Present: President of Women’s League
  • 2004 – Present: Member of Executive Council, Education
  • 2001 – Present: Deputy Chair of African National Congress, Gauteng Region
  • 1997 – Present: Deputy Secretary of African National Congress Women’s League.
  • 2009 – 2014: Minister of Basic Education
  • 2000 – 2004: Member of Executive Council of Social Services and Population Development.
  • 1994 – 1997: Director at the President’s Office


  • Chair of Education Committee
  • Executive Member of National Education Union of South Africa

Angie Motshekga’s Speech

Today, we are gathered here to announce the 2021 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination results.

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We are announcing the 2021 NSC examination results on the year in which South Africa will be celebrating its 25th anniversary of political freedom and democracy.

The NSC examination results are one of the most important barometers to evaluate progress made by the Government in improving access, redress, equity, inclusivity, efficiency and the quality of teaching and learning outcomes.

This, the Government has done by strategically implementing national, continental, and international commitments as articulated in the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals, 2030; the African Union Continental Education Strategy for Africa, 2025; the National Development Plan, 2030;

The Medium-Term Strategic Framework and the National Strategy for Learner Attainment – all of which are articulated through our Action Plan to 2021: Towards the Realisation of Schooling by 2030.

At the dawn of democracy in 1994, the topmost priority of Government was to establish a single, unified and democratic system of the education system, based on human rights.

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Transformative legislation and policy frameworks were developed to ensure that the radical reforms envisaged by Government are realized.

The result of the Government’s reforms and developments over the past 25 years, can be seen in the educational outcomes which have improved in virtually all measures.

We are, without a doubt improving access, redress, equity, inclusivity, efficiency and quality of our basic education system.

I wish to encourage South Africans, to visit the DBE website, where the comprehensive version of this Speech can be found.


Contact Details

Postal Address: Private Bag X603, PRETORIA, 0001/ Private Bag X9034, CAPE TOWN, 8000
Street Address: Sol Plaatjie House, 222 Struben Street, Room TF1062 , PRETORIA/  120 Plein Street, Room 282 and 285, CAPE TOWN
Tel: 012 357 3000/ 021 465 7350
Fax: 012 323 5989/012 323 5027/ 021 461 4788
E-mail: mabua.s@dbe.gov.za

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