Akrokerri College of Education: 2023/ 2024 Admission Process

Akrokerri College of Education is rated as one of the teacher-training institutions that give quality education to students. With the 2024/2025 admission process fast approaching, however, it’s important to understand the application process, requirements, and important dates to ensure a successful application. Hence the aim of this guide.

Akrokerri College of Education: 2023/ 2024 Admission Process


Akrokerri College of Education

Akrokerri College of Education is a teacher training institution located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.


The college was however established in 1964 with the goal of training teachers to help facilitate educational needs in the country.

Hence, programs in education like General Education, Technical Education, and Early Childhood Education are offered in the school.

Most importantly, the school has a team of dedicated and well-trained tutors in all its faculty who provide students with quality education.

Graduates of the college however have gone on to make notable contributions in various fields, proof of the quality of education they received at this great college.


Akrokerri College of Education 2023/2024 Admission

Akrokerri College of Education’s 2023/2024 admission process is open, and prospective students can now purchase admission forms.

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Furthermore, the admission form can be obtained from the college’s admission office or through their online portal.

Hence, there are criteria to be fulfilled by all applicants or intended students, and no admission to applicants if these criteria are not met.


Successful candidates will however then be offered admission to study their preferred course at Akrokerri College of Education

Admission Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for admission at Akrokerri College of Education:

1. Interested applicants are required to have a minimum of six credits (including English and Mathematics) in their WASSCE or GCE O-Level results.

And three (3) elective subjects are also relevant to the course of study.

2. Holders of TVET Qualifications: CREDIT in Three Core Subjects including English and Mathematics.

And passes in three elective Subjects are also relevant to the course of study.

3. Candidates awaiting the MAY/JUNE, 2023 WASSCE and Naptex Results can also apply for admission.

4. Candidates with a diploma or degree in Education from a recognized institution are also eligible to apply

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Admission Processes in Akrokerri College of Education

The application process for Akrokerri College of Education involves several steps:

1. Interested applicants need to purchase the admission form from the college’s admission office or online portal.

2. The completed admission form must be submitted with certified copies of relevant academic certificates and transcripts, a birth certificate, and two passport-sized photographs.

3. The required application cost must also be paid by applicants. Eligible applicants will get invitations to take part in a competitive admission exam and interview after submitting an application.

4. Successful candidates will receive admission letters from the college and must pay the required admission fees to secure their place.

5. Admitted students must complete the registration process, which involves medical examinations and the submission of other relevant documents.

Admission Tips

If you’re however planning to apply to Akrokerri College of Education, here are some admission tips to help you prepare:

1. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your application. Start gathering your academic records, transcripts, and other required documents well in advance to avoid any last-minute delays or complications.

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2. Hence, make sure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria before applying. A minimum of six credits from your WASSCE or GCE O-Level exams, including English and Mathematics, are required for this.

3. Most importantly, the entrance exam is an important part to have admission to the school, so prepare well in advance.

4. However, the interview is an opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know you better. Be confident, articulate, and honest when answering questions.

5. Ensure that you submit a complete application, including all required documents and fees.

Closing Date

Monday, 16th March to Friday, 31st July

The 2024/2025 admission process for Akrokerri College of Education is now open.

Intending students should however ensure they meet the eligibility criteria, and prepare for the entrance exam.

And also submit a complete application form to have their chances of admission secured.

Hence, the purpose of this has been met if you have read through this post.


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