Acne and How to Prevent Them

As youths, there are so many reasons why we should keep a smooth face and healthy skin. From modelling to public speaking and many other areas, they all demand looking healthy and attractive. Hence, many students will find acne a considerable problem, and preventing acne will be an even more significant challenge.

Acne and How to Prevent Them


However, you should understand that it is not impossible to get rid of this irritating skin issue. With just the little tips you shall encounter below, you’ll be able to prevent acne and retain your skin quality.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that causes a form of an inflammation on the skin. It’s a situation whereby oil and dead skin particles get trapped in hair follicles. Resultantly, it leads to other skin issues like blackheads, whiteheads, and, most commonly, pimples.

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Acne is a common disease among teenagers though it may affect people. Also, it is possible to treat them using the proper prescriptions of antibiotics and high-quality creams. However, you should be aware that the inappropriate handling of the disease or its symptoms would cost you.

How to Prevent Acne

Hence, instead of looking at the part where acne affects you, why not consider preventing it in the first place. Below are some tips to avoid it:

Don’t Touch Your Face

Just as Covid-19 can happen by touching your face, this act can also lead to acne. Frequently touching your face can spread germs on the skin and get them into hair follicles.

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Be Careful With Makeup

Bombarding your face with makeup is okay, but what happens when it has served its purpose. Always wash your face and clean all makeup before it wears out on your skin.


Wash Your Face

It is healthy to wash your face in the morning and when you return. However, don’t wash too frequently.

Eat Rightly

Eat meals with less greasy content. Lastly, avoid junk food and stick to healthy vegetables.


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