A Tree That Bleeds When Cut.


It is normal to see a human bleeding when you cut them with object but trees are not expected to bleed when cut.


Here is a tree that bleeds whenever being cut by an object.


The botanical name of this tree is ‘Pterocarpus Angolensis’. This tree grows in the warm areas of Africa, in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. It also grows in some other parts of Africa.

This tree is very useful to man. The red sap of this tree can be used as dye. It’s also used to make cosmetics for the body.

In some areas they believe that this tree has magical properties for curing blood related problems. The sap of this tree is red in colour, looks exactly like blood. The branches of this tree are used to cure sharp pains, ring worm, malaria, stomach problems, Blackwater fever and eye problems. Br*astfeeding mothers that want to increase their production of br*ast milk, are encouraged to use the sap of this tree.

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Most other trees usually have yellow or white sap, but the Bloodwood tree’s sap is reddish in colour, or sometimes dark brown. This sap is released whenever the tree is cut or a branch breaks from the tree. The sap is meant to heal and seal wounds on the tree.


The Bloodwood tree is very fascinating to tourists, not just because of the red sap, but also because the wood is very good for making furniture. The locals have said that the tree is very durable and can easily be carved. It’s very suitable for making canoes because it has the ability to shrink fast during drying.

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This tree has now become a threatened species, no thanks to smugglers. BBC Africa reported that this tree is mainly being smuggled to China, where it is used for charcoal production.

About 183 countries from around the world have already signed an international agreement that forbids the trade of this tree.

Back in the year 2016, a law was placed that traders must prove their source of the rosewood before they can be allowed to use or trade it.


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