Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The $5,000 VILLA I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.



The $5,000 VILLA I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for $5,000 VILLA I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for $5,000 VILLA I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP

Here are some brief descriptions of the top $5,000 VILLA I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP.

Where are Villa Stores Located in the USA?

VILLA is one of the country’s most successful emerging urban lifestyle retailers with 126 stores in 10 states. By fusing together their passion for fashion, music, sports, community empowerment, entertainment and other topics shaping the community, VILLA strives to give the VILLA customer a high energy shopping experience.

Their number one mission is to change and enhance the way business is done in urban neighborhoods.

By providing their customers with the latest urban trends to the newest sneaker releases, they implement a style guide for the entire family.

The VILLA team tirelessly puts in the extra effort to make sure their footwear, apparel, and accessories elevate your style, while providing you with superior customer service, they also provide you with a SCHOLARSHIP opportunity! Unbelievable, right?

Scholarships are a good thing to the education sector because it helps students further their education even with a little financial background, and that is why most of our trending articles depends on exposing these opportunities so as to do students the good of enjoying a smooth tertiary education, stay glued today’s articles because your opportunity might be embedded in them.

Here is the Villa Store Locator Site. Click here and locate your City here: https://www.dtlr.com/storelocator/

Do you know about I Matter Scholarships?

The VILLA Store was seeking to reward high school seniors based on academic achievement, community service involvement, verbal communication skills, resume, and reference letter, and that gave birth to I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP.

I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP is one of the most trustworthy scholarships you could ever think of because of the way it generates its fund.

Villa store sees this as a way of giving back to society through empowering undergraduate students to further their education in any tertiary institution in America.

Because this company has come to understand that a well-funded education is an education that would lead to success and that is why VILLA has deemed it necessary to provide this scholarship opportunity on an annual basis.

“I Matter” scholarship was created to provide tuition or financial assistance to students currently pursuing or planning to pursue post-secondary education.

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic achievement, community service involvement, and letters of recommendation. Since the scholarship was created in 2015, VILLA has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to deserving students across the country.

This Scholarship opportunity is set aside for extraordinary students who have shown a touch of excellence in their secondary education and want to further their post-secondary education.

This particular store which houses the latest & exclusive sneakers, clothing & accessories, VILLA is giving back through the form of a tuition assistance scholarship.

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The scholarship was born out of necessity on the basis that VILLA Store has seen many students with a lot of potential dropping out of school because of lack of funds,  so they started investing into society through the act of sending those intelligent kids back to school in the undergraduate level, and they’ve done this true the provision of scholarship for the students showing them that they matter through the I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP.

Villa I matter scholarship 2023

The VILLA Store is the go-to store for all the latest & exclusive sneakers, clothing & accessories.

This establishment is not just focused on making money but they are also interested in being a part of civilization through funding the education of the citizens.

The  VILLA is giving back through the form of a tuition assistance scholarship. With all that has been happening throughout the world, VILLA felt it was important to remind our future successors that they do matter through their “I MATTER” scholarship, which ranges between $250 – $1000.

The scholarship is geared towards high school seniors within any VILLA store location, that is accepted and/or enrolled in a college or university full-time, and currently maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0.

As villa store believes, and we believe,  and we believe that you also believe that education is the way to success, therefore, zero into this opportunity and thank your stars.


Level/Field of Study 

One of the things that have denied many people scholarships is the fact that most of them apply without finding out some criterion for the awarding of the scholarship.

Field of study and level is one of the things that differentiates opportunities most opportunities are specifically meant for a particular field of study which is one apply without being in that field, no matter what you score in the scholarship exam you must lose the opportunity.

The I matter scholarship is not fielded discriminating, therefore it is meant for every field the discrimination is in the location.

This opportunity is not just for students who have demonstrated academic achievement, community service involvement, verbal communication skills, resume, and reference letter. But The scholarship is available for those who will be attending school in a metropolitan area with a VILLA store. Up to 50 awards will be given.

Host Nationality.

From our descriptions above it is obvious to expose that this scholarship is sponsored by a store located in the U.S, and the opportunity is so narrow that it is limited to students studying in the USA.

Eligible Nationality:

Now, these parts have always been misunderstood.

Many people think that this Opportunity is limited to only students from the US but that is not actually the fact.

For the information and the benefit of the person reading this. This opportunity is open to not just the citizens of America but to other students coming from around the world.

The only condition is that the student the scholarship is available for those who will be attending school in a metropolitan area with a VILLA store, and not just for US citizens. Take Note!

I Matter Scholarship Worth:

It is not just about winning an Opportunity but what matters most is the worth of the scholarship you’ve won.

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This scholarship is one of the most lucrative scholarships you could ever think of.

VILLA store has what it takes to fund its students.

some scholarship platforms give peanuts as a giveaway which will delete the students wanting more, but this Scholarship solves this problem.

This is a “tell no one information”.  Could you believe that VILLA Store gives out a whopping $5000 to its winning students every year?

Scholarship worth $5000.


There are some basic things one is required to have or possess to be eligible for every or any scholarship opportunity and this scholarship is not different.

This is where many challenges lie because most students apply for a scholarship without checking the requirements and they end up losing and wasting their time, therefore it is advisable one pays attention to this information so as to know whether he or she is ready or eligible to apply for this lucrative scholarship offered by the Villa Store.

These conditions range between materials that are needed for the application.

It is often said and I would want to repeat it again. The first step in gaining a scholarship is for the applicant to understand the scholarship requirements.

How to Apply for I Matter Scholarship

Listed below are the requirements to apply for I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP 2023

In order to apply for the Scholarship, one must be required to do these.

* The applicant is required to submit high school transcripts.

* The applicant is required to submit two letters of recommendation. Letters from relatives will not be accepted.

* The applicant is required to submit a typewritten resume (12 point font) detailing education, work experience (if applicable), accolades, achievements, extra-curricular activities, and community service/involvement.

* The applicant is required to submit 1-2 page essay on the following topics:

  • ln the wake of many racially stemmed incidents, individuals have supported various causes through the use of social media.
  • Do you think this is a Viable Strategy for expressing one’s views? If yes, how can this strategy be implemented, and what are the advantages? If no, why not, and what are the disadvantages? Also provide other strategies that can be explored, and provide insight into how these strategies can be implemented, in order for young people to properly express their voice.

Scholarship Requirements.

Every legitimate scholarship has its requirements and that’s the things that make them unique. Any scholarship that doesn’t have requirements should be attached a question mark These are the basic requirements for one to be offered this scholarship opportunity.

Note:  this doesn’t guarantee you the scholarship,  but it qualifies you for the context.

  • Current high school seniors attending school in a metropolitan area with a VILLA store
  • Anticipating completion of a high school diploma at the time of application.
  • Carrying a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of application
  • Accepted to and enrolled full-time in an accredited U.S. undergraduate program for fall

Hope you have those listed above, if you do, then rush and apply.

The application deadline for this scholarship opportunity falls out most at the same time every year. March 31.

To know more about villa Bursary visit: https://villa-scholarships.fluidreview.com

To apply for a Scholarship visit. https://www.dtlr.com

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Here is a list of I Matter Scholarship past winners of this prestigious award.

Over the years scholarship Winners have emerged from various part of America we have gathered a list of Past winners for Students to see that there are potentials in the Scholarship

  • Hope WellsLa – Salle University
  • Paul Medina – University of California, Riverside
  • Shamir Morgan – Temple University
  • Destiny Thomas – Temple University
  • Devinn Smart – Temple University
  • Arthur Mack – Temple University
  • Fletcher Jones – Temple University
  • Bradley Atkins – Temple University
  • Kali Gaddie – Central Michigan University
  • Sarah Hampton – University of Pennsylvania
  • Khadia Baptiste – University of Delaware
  • Dyymond WhipperYoung – Temple University
  • Imani Ross – George Washington University
  • Abeni Lawson – Howard University
  • Kyler Hodge – University of North Texas
  • Lauren Coleman – Howard University
  • Kerone Barnaby – Delaware Technical Community College
  • Victor Babatunde – Temple University
  • Nahla Ward – Temple University
  • Benjamin Thomas – Temple University
  • Frankie Rodriguez – Lehigh University
  • Janesha Bull – Temple University
  • Amanda Brown – Temple University
  • Trevon Davis – Morgan State University.

2016 Scholarship Winners

$2,500 WINNERS

  • Kah Hearn – Pittsburgh
  • Romell Bolton – Chicago,
  • Sydney Atherly – Pleasantville,
  • Terrell B Pegues – Philadelphia,
  • Brianna Myers – Cedar Hill, Texas
  • Sadiq Sistrunk – Harrisburg, PA
  • Dymond Bishop – Philadelphia, PA

2015 Scholarship Winners

$5,000 WINNERS

  • a Bao – Wexford, PA
  • Georges Batoussi – Bethlehem, PA
  • Sarah Field – Rochester, NY

$2,500 WINNERS

  • a Pryor – Chicago, IL
  • Giuliana Bozza – Rochester, NY
  • Victoria Ochoa – Euless, TX
  • Linton Taylor – Philadelphia, PA
  • Celeste Renne Luna – Fort Worth, TX

$1,000 WINNERS

  • Nica Tadros – Rochester, NY
  • Kierra Jones – Fogle Philadelphia, PA
  • Robert Rajic – Chicago, IL
  • Jacqueline Creekmore – Chicago, IL
  • Jeremy Kuoch – Bloomington, MN
  • Ommeni Richardson – Georgetown, DE
  • Page Bennett – Minneapolis, MN
  • Micah Reed – Detriot, MI
  • xis Saunders – Philadelphia, PA
  • Sheldon Snell – Harrisburg, PA
  • Ajia McIntyre – Rochester, NY
  • Elijah Davis – Maywood, NJ
  • Jessica Sidoti – Rochester, NY
  • Ploua Thao – Minneapolis, MN
  • Tyson Mitchell – Shaker Heights, OH

Pay attention. You can be the next winner of this Opportunity.  It is possible!

Visit: www.ruvilla.com/scholarships
follow @ruvilla @imatterjtm @VillaChicago via Instagram.

Required Documents

  • Submit high school transcripts.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation. Letters from relatives will not be accepted.
  • Submit a typewritten resume (12 point font) detailing education, work experience (if applicable), accolades, achievements, extra-curricular activities, and community service/involvement.
  • Answer each of the following essay prompts:

Describe the world you come from (your family, home, neighborhood, community, or school.

How has it influenced the person you are today? How has it shaped your dreams and aspirations? (250-500 words)

“I Matter” is about embracing your strengths and understanding why you matter as an individual.

It is about self-love, respect, and awareness. Though we are all different, WE ALL MATTER!

What you do today will impact your future. Tell us why you matter. (250-500 words)

VILLA’s Mission: VILLA strives to be the premier fashion retailer by fusing the best of fashion and music into a high-energy shopping experience. VILLA is committed to delivering superior customer service along with financial support and volunteer service to the communities we serve.

What is your personal mission? (50 words or less)

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