5 ways to stop letting your friends control your life

In life, we come across people who are bossy and like to be in control. People like this are usually manipulative.

If you find out that your friends are controlling you, here are ways to stop letting them have control of your life. 

Check out the friendship if you feel choked up in it. 

In a relationship where your friends are overpowering, you could feel choked up. When uncomfortable to the point where you cannot make decisions for yourself and have your own opinion, you know you’re choked up.

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Muster the habit of saying “no”. 

The ability to say “no” helps you to be confident and bold. Paying attention to what you need is not being self-centered. When you say “no”, don’t give reasons for your answer so that you won’t be tempted to give in to their demands.

Instead of being quiet, tell your friend what you want. 

Your friends will most likely understand you and would want to keep the relationship going. Tell them that it disturbs you when they tell you what to do.

Identify whether they become infuriated while you’re around other people. 

When you spend time with other friends, your friends become infuriated and jealous. This is a sign that they are controlling. You can’t be controlled while you’re among other friends. They fume at you for socializing with other people.

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Determine how you want to be addressed. 

Correct your friends if they have a tendency of controlling you. Tell them how you’d want to be addressed. If your friends refuse to address you with respect, ignore their demands. Have it in mind that you have the right to be treated with dignity.

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