7 phone charging mistakes to avoid at all costs

While charging their devices, individuals have a tendency to make mistakes. It’s possible that some of these things are harmful to our health. Why others may reduce the life of your phone’s battery.

So, if you’re charging your phone and you’re doing any of these frequent mistakes, you should stop immediately to avoid damaging your phone.

Here are seven phone charging mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Don’t play games while charging.

Some adolescents and adults fall into this group since charging and playing games have become a popular trend. However, this practice is harmful to your phone since it generates excessive heat. Due to heat and pressure on the phone, such a phone may get spoilt in rare situations. Playing games while charging is a bad habit that can shorten the life of your phone.

2. Charge Your Phone During the Day, Not at Night.

Another phone charging mistake some people do is charging their phones overnight. Some phones don’t know when they’ve reached their charging capacity and won’t stop charging on their own.

Charging your smartphone for an extended period of time might cause your smartphone’s battery to overheat and degrade its performance.

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3. Using a Low Voltage Power Supply Or a Low Standard Charger.

It’s not a good idea to charge your phone using devices like power banks or laptops that draw modest currents. These items are only meant to be used in an emergency and not to be used as a regular power source while charging. If you can, utilize a high-voltage light source to charge your phone with high current voltage so that it charges quickly and has longer battery life.

So when individuals use laptops, power banks, or phony chargers to charge their phones, their batteries get weaker or cease lasting as long. This is due to the fact that such goods do not have the same amount of power or voltage as regular electricity to charge your phone. Instead, your phone’s battery will be depleted.

4. Don’t leave your phone on charge all the time.

In most cases, Africans charge their phones until the power runs out. There is no time limit on how long we will keep charging till the light goes out. And charging your phone for an excessive amount of time may deplete the battery.

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Rest is necessary for both the body and the batteries. You should disconnect your phone when the battery level is 98 percent or above. You’re not obligated to wait until the battery is fully charged before continuing to charge it.

5. When charging your phone, remove it from the case.

Remove your phone’s case or cover before charging to avoid damaging your device. In that, a phone case raises the temperature of your phone while it is charging, which might lead to harm. Allow air to enter the phone while it is charging by leaving it open.

6. While Charging, Don’t Listen To Music Through Earphones.

It’s quite unsafe to be charging your smartphone while also using an earpiece to listen to music. Because of the high doses of radiation, such an experience might be harmful to your brain. Moreover, there is a risk of electrocution.

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Similar to this, using your earbuds while they’re charging might put you at risk since electricity is readily transmitted from your charging port to your headphones. Since many individuals have been killed in the past due to similar errors, it’s imperative that you steer clear of making the same ones yourself.

7. Don’t ever sleep with your phone charging next to you in bed.

Keeping your phone beneath your pillow or on your bed while you sleep is very dangerous since you run the risk of setting your room on fire or possibly getting electrocuted.

Do you recall the recent spate of mobile phone battery fires? Keeping your smartphone out of reach while you sleep is a good idea for all of these reasons. There have been recent claims that even overnight charging of your phone might cause it to overheat.

To avoid this, keep your phone at least three feet away from your body or bed as it charges. Never sleep with your phone charging on the bed; doing so might be quite dangerous.

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