19 Undergraduate Scholarships For Aviation Students 2023

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The 19 Undergraduate Scholarships is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

19 Undergraduate Scholarships



The 19 Undergraduate Scholarships and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.


Applications for 19 Undergraduate Scholarships are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for 19 Undergraduate Scholarships

Here are some brief descriptions of the top 19 Undergraduate Scholarships.

List Of Undergraduate Scholarships For Aviation Students

Here is a List of Undergraduate Scholarships For Aviation Students 2023:

  • University of Adelaide Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • AAERO Scholarship
  • Aeroclub of New England’s Scholarship Program
  • Airline Dispatchers Federation (ADF) Scholarship
  • Baylor University
  • The Western Michigan University College of Aviation
  • Women in Aviation International (WAI) Foundation Scholarships
  • Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship
  • Boeing- Boeing Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Leroy W. Homer Jr Scholarship
  • Michigan Takes Flight Training Scholarship
  • Airmanship Foundation General Harris Memorial Scholarship
  • Clay Lacy Scholarship Program
  • National Gay Pilots Association Scholarship
  • The government of Singapore/ ICAO Training Scholarship for Developing Countries
  • Undergraduate Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship
  • AIAA Foundation Scholarship
  • Air league Engineering Scholarship in the UK
  • British Aviation Group (BAG) Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship

#1. University of Adelaide Global Academic Excellence Scholarship:

The 2023 university scholarship which is also for international students is valued at a fifty percent reduction in the student’s full-time program as an undergraduate or postgraduate student.


It is open to citizens of any country except Australia and New Zealand and any choice course of study is available.

Application to study in the first half of 2023 (semester 1, trimester 1&2) ends 31st December while that of the second half (semester 2, trimester 3) ends 30th April 2023.

#2. AAERO Scholarship

AAERO believes in elevating aviation and offers a scholarship to outstanding students who desire to get certified and reach their goals in the aviation industry.

The scholarship is valued at one thousand US dollars and applicants are expected to fill an online form, answering questions that would aid in selecting the best beneficiaries.

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You can Apply for the AAERO Scholarships

#3. Aeroclub of New England’s Scholarship Program

The oldest club in America awards scholarships to students with the intention of bagging a career in aviation.

In its inception, two students were awarded two thousand dollars each but over the years, because of the benevolence and generosity of members and donors, over five hundred thousand dollars have been used to support nearly four hundred people.

So many other disciplines under aviation have been added to the scheme. Scholarships are given annually on the basis of merit and financial needs.

#4. Airline Dispatchers Federation (ADF) Scholarship:

This body collaborates with Academy College (Bloomington Minnesota) to offer a scholarship to people who wish to earn aircraft dispatchers FAA 121 certificate.

The scholarship will only cover the instruction and training required to take the test while the recipient will handle the written and oral fees and other expenses. The scholarship is valued at five thousand, four hundred and fifty dollars.

There is no promise of employment after the training and all training must end on or before December 31, 2023.

#5. Baylor University:

Offers undergraduate majors and minors in the field of aviation. Organizations like the Greater Waco Aviation Alliance, the University Aviation Association, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, provide scholarships for students intending to be part of the university.

A fact worthy of note is that over 90% of the students receive some kind of financial assistance.

#6. The Western Michigan University College of Aviation:

Offers a bachelor’s degree program in aviation science, aviation maintenance, and aviation administration.

Military-bound students are preferred in-flight science scholarships and students should have at least a 3.0 GPA and are valued at five hundred dollars.

#7. Women in Aviation International (WAI) Foundation Scholarships:

This body spends millions of dollars annually in raising women who will take over and/or participate in every sphere of the aviation industry.

Requirements like: being a student member of WAI, college transcript, faculty recommendations, ability to write an excellent essay and professional résumé, and licenses and certification, she possesses are necessary.

Academic merit, financial need, leadership, etc are parts of the criteria for selection.

#8. Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship:

Are awarded to students who are qualified for a year college degree in aviation or aerospace. Students may reapply to see themselves through to graduation.

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It offers partial funding of ten thousand US dollars, flight training may be included if it’s of utmost importance. Deadline’s January 1.

#9. Boeing- Boeing Undergraduate Scholarships:

It is intended to encourage and reward academic excellence and dedication. It is available for students of aerospace engineering and each award is valued at three thousand euros.

Strictly for UK nationals and students who have lived in the UK for at least 3years. Applicants must have a strong need for financial support and must be academically sound.

#10. Leroy W. Homer Jr Scholarship:

Is for students between the ages of sixteen and twenty-three years and must be citizens or permanent residents in the US.

The scholarship is valued at nine thousand dollars and the deadline’s January 31. The award covers the fees and expenses associated with the private pilot course.

Applicants must be able to read, write, and converse in the English language to  FAA standards and must have an FAA third-class medical certificate. Only one award is given an application is online.

#11. Michigan Takes Flight Training Scholarship:

Is valued at three thousand, five hundred dollars and strictly for the candidate who wants a career in aviation.

Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis and winners announced from time to time as new positions are made available.

#12. Airmanship Foundation General Harris Memorial Scholarship:

The foundation offers a scholarship to students that are already enrolled for a bachelor’s or higher degree in aviation-related courses which can bag an FAA certification, possess airmanship, and innate desire to leave a legacy.

#13. Clay Lacy Scholarship Program:

The scholarship valued at five thousand dollars is sent directly to the beneficiary’s choice school for probably tuition, books, fees, pilot ground and flight training, or other educational expenses.

Applicants must be US citizens residing in southern CA and enrolled or plan to enroll in a community college, four-year college, university, etc, that is accredited and has a formal aviation curriculum that could bag a certificate, license, or degree in aviation.

#14. National Gay Pilots Association Scholarship:

The association has other scholarship bodies like private pilot scholarship, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United airlines that financially support people who have shown their contributions to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. Though it’s not compulsory for applicants to be any of this to apply for a career in aviation.

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Applicants must be enrolled in an institution of higher learning that has an aviation curriculum. Some of these scholarship bodies provide as much as ten thousand dollars for two beneficiaries.

#15. The government of Singapore/ ICAO Training Scholarship for Developing Countries:

The scholarship for developing countries will be taken in Singapore.

The scholarship is for training conducted by experts in the aviation industry and for people nominated by their governments.

The training fees, daily allowance, and hotel accommodation are benefits to be accrued from it. The government must complete and endorse the nomination form before the applicants apply online.

#16. Undergraduate Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship:

The University of Alabama awards the students of America with the scholarship to study aeronautical engineering.

The scholarship is for high school leavers who desire a degree in the aforementioned year.

The application deadline is December 15th of every year.

#17. AIAA Foundation Scholarship:

The beneficiary must be an AIAA member and a full-time student.

It is given to undergraduate and graduate students in any science or engineering course related to aerospace.

The application deadline is January 31.

#18. Air league Engineering Scholarship in the UK

This body collaborates with two other bodies: JN Somers Charitable Will Trust and Rhodes Moorehouse UC Charitable Trust, to provide scholarships and placement or two in engineering in United Kingdom’s leading flying schools or aerospace companies.

It caters for the necessary needs of the beneficiary and the application starts December of every year and ends February of the next year.

#19. British Aviation Group (BAG) Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship:

The scholarship is for UK students and is awarded to two students annually. It is valued at two thousand euros for each beneficiary.

It is strictly for students in their final year in an undergraduate degree, undertaking a master’s degree or final year in an important Ph.D.

The application deadline is 30th May.


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