10 UK Embassy in Ethiopia Scholarship 2023

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The 10 UK Embassy in Ethiopia Scholarship is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

10 UK Embassy in Ethiopia Scholarship



The 10 UK Embassy in Ethiopia Scholarship and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.


Applications for 10 UK Embassy in Ethiopia Scholarship are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for 10 UK Embassy in Ethiopia Scholarship

Here are some brief descriptions of the top 10 UK Embassy in Ethiopia Scholarship.


University of Westminster Full International Scholarship

The UK embassy offers a scholarship scheme. This scheme provides an opportunity for Ethiopian students to study abroad. The students can likewise pursue a full-time degree at the University of Westminster Uk.

The scholarship is fully funded and covers tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, and covers the full duration of the undergraduate study.


Host/Eligible Country: Hosted by the United Kingdom in partnership with the University of Westminster, UK. The scholarship is open to all developing countries including Ethiopia

level: Undergraduate

Scholarship worth: Full tuition fee, accommodation, living expenses, and flights to and fro London.

Deadline: 31 May

Application link

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Reach Oxford For Developing Country Students

The University of Oxford, UK offers a fully funded undergraduate scholarship for Ethiopia students to study abroad.

This scholarship through the UK Embassy exists in other to support students from Ethiopia or other developing countries. This scholarship overseas students who cannot afford a degree in their own country. It is fully funded.

Host/Eligible Country: Hosted by the University of Oxford Uk. Eligible for all developing countries

level: Undergraduate

scholarship worth: fully funded, including tuition fee, living expense, and one return airfare

Deadline: February annually

Application link

University of West London International Ambassador Scholarship

The University of West London, UK, offers scholarships to outstanding students from countries like Ethiopia and other countries.

This scholarship provides a discount against the cost of tuition for the first year of study only.

Host/Eligible Country: Hosted by University of West London, UK

Level: Undergraduate

Scholarship worth: the scholarship is worth up to  £5,000 which includes a discount on the cost of tuition fees for the first year only.

Deadline: November

Application Link

The Deny’s Holland Scholarship At University College London

The Deny’s Holland scholarship aims at supporting undergraduates from Ethiopia and other countries. Students who wish to study in the UK but lack the necessary financial fund can apply.

Host/Eligible Country: Hosted by Deny’s Holland Foundation in University College London. Eligible for Ethiopia and any other country.

Level: Undergraduate

Scholarship worth: The scholarship is worth £9000 per year for three years according to academic performance.

Deadline: July 5th

Application link

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Bristol University Think Big Scholarship

The Uk Embassy in collaboration with Bristol University offers a platform for international students in the UK.

The University selects the best students and offers them the opportunity to study any full-time undergraduate course excluding medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science.

Host/Eligible Country: University of Bristol, UK

Level: Undergraduate

Scholarship worth: The scholarship is worth 3 x £10000 or 9 x £5000 per year of study.

Deadline: Application closes on 30 June

Application Link


Chevening Scholarship

Chevening is one of the UK Embassy scholarship schemes. The scheme gives students from Ethiopia and around the world the opportunity to global experience.

The scholarship is fully funded by the UK Embassy for international students to study in the UK.  

Host/Eligible Country: UK government

Open to Ethiopia and other developing countries

Level: Masters degree

Scholarship worth: The scholarship is fully funded including tuition fees for a whole year.

Deadline: Application closes February annually.

Application Link

UWE Millennium Scholarship for International Students

The University of West England offers master’s degree holders in Ethiopia and other countries the opportunity to study in Uk. 

The Scholarship comes along with an internship program and ambassadorial activities.

Host/Eligible Country: University of West England, UK. Available to International Students

Level: Masters degree

Scholarship worth: 50% off tuition fee for one academic year

Deadline: 28 April

Application Link

Ferguson Scholarship For African Students

Allan and Nesta Charitable trust in a bid to improve education in African. They give out scholarships to students from Ethiopia and other African countries to enable them to carry out their master’s degrees in the UK embassy.

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Host/Eligible Country: Allan and Nesta Ferguson foundation. Ethiopia and other African countries

Level: Masters degree

Scholarship worth: Ferguson scholarship has a value of £25000 per year

Deadline: scholarship ends February annually

Application Link

Clarendon Fund Scholarship At University Of Oxford

The Clarendon Fund is the UK Embassy that offers a graduate scholarship scheme at the University of Oxford. It is awarded to outstanding students and degree holders from Ethiopia and other students across the country.

The scholarship is fully funded with tuition fees and living expenses are taken care of.

Host/Eligible Country: University of Oxford, UK. Available for Ethiopia and other countries

Level: Masters degree

Scholarship worth: The Scholarship has a value of at least £14,777 which covers tuition fees and living cost

Deadline: Ends in January annually

Application Link

Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship

This is an annual scholarship scheme provided by the Pershing Square Foundation to students from Ethiopia and other countries.

It covers the expenses of the master’s degree program at Oxford University in the UK embassy.

This scholarship scheme provides a platform for Ethiopian students to study abroad.

Host/Eligible Country: Pershing square foundation, University of Oxford, UK. Eligible to Ethiopia and other countries.

Level: Masters degree

Scholarship worth: The scholarship has a value of at least £14,553 which includes tuition fees and living expenses throughout the year of study.

Deadline: Application ends January annually

Application Link


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