10 Best hair conditioners for different hair types

A good conditioner is crucial to the health of your hair. While the right shampoo serves to cleanse the scalp of oils and build up, a conditioner’s focus lies in your lengths, imparting moisture and nourishment to strengthen, add shine and prevent split ends.


Find the best conditioner for your hair type, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

Here, see the Bazaar verdict on the best conditioner for every hair type, from a lightweight nourisher for fine hair to the richest, most buttery conditioner for kinks and coils, and even a reliable treatment. Your hair’s health depends on how well you take care of it.


1. Living Proof (best conditioner for frizzy hair.)

Living Proof’s frizz fighting conditioner, which produces an invisible veil over strands to keep moisture (and thus frizz) at bay, uses lightweight alternatives instead of silicones. It has an irresistible salon smell and is lightweight but extremely hydrating.

 2. Aveda. (Nutriplenish Deep Moisture Conditioner).

This is Aveda’s best dry hair conditioner, and it’s vegan friendly and luxuriously rich. Pomegranate oil and mango butter are used to moisturise and soften every strand in the 96 percent natural formula.

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The Light Moisture variant is equally impressive, with half the amount of butters to keep finer hair hydrated and happy. The slightly spicy ginger and cardamom scent will please you regardless of which option you choose.

 3. Pureology (Best Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair).

Pureology has revamped its main line, doubling down on its commitment to sustainability. Hydrate conditioner, which has been around for a long time, now comes in a bottle made from 95% post consumer recycled materials and contains vegan friendly conditioning components to illuminate and nourish color treated hair. Also wonderful is the minty aromatherapy combination.


 4. Davines

This exceptional haircare is made with natural ingredients gathered from individual farmers in Italy.

This buttery conditioner, which uses jojoba oil, almond butter, and an antioxidant tomato extract to enhance the flexibility of damaged strands, is a standout from the brand. The results are so good that you’ll find a (recyclable) container on the shelf of every beauty editor you know.

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5. Dizziak. (Best Conditioner For Texture Hair)

The resulting formula is a triumph: it’s as thick as a body butter, and it cocoons coils in a blend of natural oils and quinoa protein for added strength.

 6. Olaplex.

This conditioner does more than just add moisture: it enters each strand to strengthen the connections that have been damaged by coloring or heat treatments. Consider it the greatest way to limit the damage caused by aggressive bleaching.

7. Virtue.

When it comes to mindfully crafted products for curly hair, Virtue’s new curl range definitely lifts the standard.

This conditioner has one of the thickest, butteriest textures ever seen, and it melts into hair like no other, hydrating and softening it like no other.

The fruity aroma is nice without being overpowering, and the effects are long lasting thanks to the brand’s unique keratin extracts.

8. L’Oreal Elvive

This unique liquid hair treatment is well worth the hype, and it’s one of the most talked about product debuts of the year thus far. In just 8 seconds, the water weight product deposits an ultra thin layer of moisturizing, healing actives over each strand, leaving you with amazingly silky hair.

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 9. Kérastase

If you use the wrong purple conditioner (or leave it on for too long), your blonde tones will turn purple.

The light lavender pigments in this creamy conditioner provide a cool contrast to the brassy warmth, resulting in a brilliant, uniform color that appears just like it did when you left the salon.

10. Oribe

Although this is clearly a luxurious option, the shine enhancing properties do not disappoint. It’s not too thick to weigh down finer hair, and it has a noticeable glimmer, especially on lighter tones. Also delectable is the light, tropical lychee scent.

This is all there is to know about the best hair conditioners ever. Choose the one you know will be best for your and kick start. Enjoy!




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